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Paddy Clifford: chief executive

Photo shows Paddy Clifford, chief executive of Palmerston North City Council.

I'm fortunate to be the chief executive of a wonderful city that’s on the move.

Paddy Clifford

I have worked in local government for many years and this experience extends across a number of UK and New Zealand local authorities. During my career I have benefited from being a member of many local, regional and national organisations.  

Some values are very important to me. The first is treating people with respect - treating the public with respect, treating our Council members with respect and in the workplace, treating staff with respect. Other values important to me are honesty and integrity. The public expect high standards of honesty and integrity from those elected to public office and they also have the same expectation of those working in public organisations. It is essential for all staff employed with the Palmerston North City Council to build and maintain trust with the public.

Providing value for money is particularly important to me. Our Council has the power to rate property owners and so there is a significant responsibility associated with this power - responsibility to work hard at making sure that the services we provide are cost effective in meeting our community's needs. In my opinion we have to regard Council budgets in a similar way to how we approach our own personal funds, ensuring that we always strive to get best value for money and always committing expenditure with due care and attention.   

I have an open and inclusive style of management and I endeavour to improve internal and external communications.