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Sheryl Bryant: General Manager City Future

Photo shows Sheryl Bryant, general manager of city future at Palmerston North City Council.

With the breadth of issues and long-term focus, I consider my job is diverse, interesting and can make a positive contribution to the future of Palmerston North.

Sheryl Bryant

The city future unit is responsible for planning for Palmerston North's future needs, covering the spectrum of environmental, social, economic, and recreational city needs, as well as land use planning and urban design. It is also responsible for effective communication with our community and within Council.

We've been referred to as the blue sky thinkers, however we also have our feet firmly on the ground as we balance what could be with what is practical.

Having lived in Palmerston North most of my life, I find it a great place to live. It has everything a large city has to offer but with small town convenience and a community feel.

I've worked for the Council for more than 20 years and have always found it a supportive environment where staff genuinely want to make a difference for the community. With Council's wide ranging activities, work is always interesting and challenging.

In our unit we expect high standards, respect each other, encourage creative thinking and deliver on a demanding work programme.

Getting the community more engaged in planning for the city offers plenty of opportunities for creativity. Check out our Placemaking and Green Corridors Facebook pages to get a glimpse of some of our community engagement activities.