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Sectional District Plan Review Plan Change 15A-H Hearing by Commissioners - Original and Further Submissions

Provided here are copies of Original and Further Submissions.

Original Submissions

SO-1 Bruce Peck
SO-2 D C Morrison
SO-3 Philip T Ropiha
SO-4 JP Ware Transport Ltd and JB Ware and Sons Family Trust
SO-5 Jane Richardson
SO-6 David C Parham
SO-7 Sustainable City Group
SO-8 Clive A Harding
SO-9 W B Holdsworth
SO-10 Shireen A Schofield
SO-11 David & Robyn Adam
SO-12 Fran Harvey
SO-13 Palmerston North City Council
SO-14 Rosemary Gear and 48 Others
SO-15 Robert H Fraser
SO-16 Brian C Holmes
SO-17 B J & C J Whitelock, John Whitelock and Others
SO-18 David K Severinsen
SO-19 Radio New Zealand Limited
SO-20 Ministry of Education
Original Submissions 1 to 20 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-21 Jacobus J Van Vuuren
SO-22 The Oil Companies (Z Energy Ltd, BP Oil NZ Ltd, Mobil Oil NZ Ltd)
SO-23 Axis Estate Ltd & PMW Trustees Co Ltd
SO-24 Joseph Poff
SO-25 Matthew Currie
SO-26 John R Wycherley
SO-27 New Zealand Fire Service Commission
SO-28 Brian Green Properties (PN) Ltd
SO-29 Paul A Cole
SO-30 Ngawai Farms Limited
SO-31 Albert A & Jane S Van Der Zwan
SO-32 Paul E Wycherley
SO-33 Argosy Property Limited
SO-34 Palmerston North Airport Limited
SO-35 Bruce & Marilyn Bulloch
SO-36 Airways Corporation of New Zealand
SO-37 Friederike E Lugt
SO-38 Ashley Farms Ltd
SO-39 Philip H Pirie
SO-40 New Zealand Defence Force (See also submission 89)
 Original Submissions 21 to 40 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-41 Chorus New Zealand Limited
SO-42 Spark New Zealand Trading Limited
SO-43 Mighty River Power
SO-44 Federated Farms Manawatu-Rangitikei Province
 Original Submission 41 to 44 (PDF 3.6Mb)
SO-45 Trustpower Limited
 Original Submission 45 (PDF 6Mb)
SO-46 Transpower New Zealand Limited
Original Submission 46:-
(Page 1 to 88 - PDF 8Mb)
(Page 89 to 118 - PDF 7Mb)
(Page 119 to 148 - PDF 7Mb)
(Page 149 to 175 - PDF 7Mb) (Page 176 to 189 - PDF 3.3Mb)
SO-47 Heritage Estates Ltd
SO-48 Meridian Energy Limited
SO-49 Deborah A Sparkes
SO-50 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
Original Submission 47 to 50 (PDF 8Mb)
SO-51 Kevin O'Connor & Associates
SO-52 Jeremy J Lind
SO-53 Dean Sparkes
SO-54 New Zealand Wind Energy Association
SO-55 Pioneer City West Ltd
SO-56 Horizons Regional Council
Original Submission 51 to 56 (PDF 9Mb)
SO-57 Horticulture New Zealand
SO-58 Dorothy M Alley
Original Submssion 57 and 58 (PDF 2Mb)
SO-59 Powerco
SO-60 KiwiRail Holdings Ltd
Original Submission 59 and 60 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-61 New Zealand Windfarms Limited
Original Submission 61 PDF 4.8Mb)
SO-62 Higgins Aggregates Limited
SO-63 Vector Gas Limited
SO-64 House Movers Section of NZ Heavy Haulage Assn (Inc), Britton Housemovers Ltd & Central Housemovers Ltd
Original Submission 62 to 64 (PDF 8Mb)
SO-65 Maurice R Alley
SO-66 Proarch Consultants Ltd
SO-67 Peter H Allen
SO-68 William M Kelly & Diane H Simpson
SO-69 Pita & Helen Kinaston
SO-70 John & Kathy Love
SO-71 FJ & Estate of B Setter/Frederick J Setter
Original Submssion 65 to 71 (PDF 8Mb)
SO-72 Anne J Milne
SO-73 Selwyn Wycherley
SO-74 John W Stephenson
Original Submission 72 to 74 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-75 Matthew Ellingham-Matvin Property Ltd
SO-76 Stu Waters
SO-77 Alison M Mildon
SO-78 Kevin O'Donnell
SO-79 Alpha Corporation
Original Submission 75 to 79 (PDF 3.5Mb)
SO-80 Gavin Terry
SO-81 Shannon & Co. Ltd
SO-82 Jill White
SO-83 Bruce Wilson
SO-84 Sarah L Taylor
SO-85 Peter J Learmonth & Kathryn J Learmonth
SO-86 Hercoe Family Trust
SO-87 New Zealand Transport Agency
SO-88 Starter Plants Ltd
SO-89 New Zealand Defence Force (see also Submission 40)
SO-90 Sandra K Hey
SO-91 Stephen Hopcroft & Lancaster Properties Ltd
Original Submission 80 to 91 (PDF 5Mb)


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Further Submissions

Index of Further Submissions - (PDF 182 Kb)

FS-01 Alison Mildon
FS-02 Meridian Energy Ltd
FS-03 Higgins Aggregates Limited
FS-04 Pioneer City West
FS-05 Palmerston North Airport Limited
Further Submissions 1 to 5 (PDF 2.6Mb)
FS-06 Argosy Property Limited
FS-07 Horizons Regional Council
FS-08 Horticulture NZ
FS-09 New Zealand Transport Agency
FS-10 Mighty River Power
Further Submission 6 to 10 (PDF 1.5Mb)
FS-11 Transpower New Zealand Limited
FS-12 David and Robyn Adam
FS-13 NZ Wind Energy Association
FS-14 New Zealand Defence Force
FS-15 Federated Farmers of New Zealand Manawatu-Rangitikei Province
Further Submission 11 to 15 (PDF 2.6Mb)
FS-16 Trustpower Limited
FS-17 Radio New Zealand Limited
FS-18 Chorus New Zealand Limited
FS-19 Proarch Consultants Limited
FS-20 Vector Gas Limited
Further Submission 16 to 20 (PDF 2.6Mb)
FS-21 Heritage Estates Limited
FS-22 Spark New Zealand Trading Limited
FS-23 David Severinsen
FS-24 Powerco Limited
FS-25 Frederick J Setter
Further Submission 21 to 25 (PDF 1.1Mb)
FS-26 David C Parham
FS-27 Kevin O'Donnell
FS-28 Airways Corporation of New Zealand Ltd
FS-29 Karen Frewin
FS-30 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
FS-31 James and Tiffany Good and Others
FS-32 Steve and Sandra Rowe
Further Submissions 26 to 30 (PDF 1.5)
FS-31 James and Tiffany Good and Others
FS-32 Steve and Sandra Rowe
Further Submissions 31 to 32 (PDF 470Kb)