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Manawatū District and Palmerston North City Joint Strategic Planning Committee

Reporting to: 



Mayor (Grant Smith) (Palmerston North City)

Deputy Chairperson

Mayor Margaret Kouvelis (Manawatū District)

Members MDC:

The Mayor Manawatū District, Margaret Kouvellis
Councillor Shane Casey
Councillor Tony Jensen
Councillor Alison Short
Councillor Howard Voss

Members PNCC:

The Mayor Palmerston North City (Grant Smith)
Councillor Susan Baty
Councillor Leonie Hapeta
Councillor Jim Jefferies
Councillor Duncan McCann


The Committee shall comprise ten members, being:

-   The Mayor of Manawatū District Council
-   The Mayor of Palmerston North City Council
-   Four appointees of the Manawatū District Council
-   Four appointees of the Palmerston North City Council

Meeting Frequency: 

As required. 

Terms of Reference: 

1.  To address strategic planning issues that impact on both the Palmerston North City and the Manawatu District Council, in particular issues relating to but not restricted to infrastructure, land use planning and economic development

2.  To consider community planning and community outcomes implications.

3.  To consider and promote the creation and growth of economic wealth for Manawatu and beyond, with particular reference to the activities of the Central Economic Development Agency Limited.


For the purposes of the Committees' Terms of Reference, "Strategic Planning Issues" means those that are referred to the Committee by either the Manawatū District Council and/or the Palmerston North City Council, taking an inter-regional perspective.