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Council meetings

At Council meetings elected councillors debate and decide on all sorts of issues that affect our city. Find out how the committees and meetings work.

Palmerston North City Council has a mayor and 15 councillors. They work through committees to make decisions about what the Council will do and how it will be funded. The committee structure is reviewed every three years, after each election.

Most committees hold monthly meetings, however some only meet quarterly or as required. Additional meetings are scheduled when needed. These are called extraordinary meetings.

Meetings are generally held in public and the Council advertises the issues it will be considering. Non-confidential reports are available to the public. If Council is talking about something confidential, the public may be excluded from that part of the meeting.

Standing committees

The mayor is an ex-officio member of all standing committees and sub-committees.

There are eight standing committees that all councillors sit on:

  • arts, culture and heritage
  • audit and risk
  • committee of council
  • community development
  • economic development
  • finance and performance
  • planning and strategy
  • sport and recreation

There are five other standing committees. These do not require all councillors. Councillor appointments to these committees are reviewed every three years:

  • Creative Communities New Zealand arts and culture fund committee
  • district licensing committee
  • hearings committee
  • hearings by commissioner – sectional district plan review
  • Manawatū District and Palmerston North City joint strategic planning committee

Enquiries about Council meetings

For all meeting enquiries, please contact:

Governance & Support Division
City Corporate
Palmerston North City Council

Phone 06 356 8199