Your Council

How Council works

Our work is about enabling local decision making that promotes the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of our city.

What people want

People want the Council to make decisions and to lead the City. They want the opportunity to be involved in this decision making. They also want to know what the Council is doing and why.

One of the difficulties for Council is that this means different things to different people. Community survey results consistently show that about 15-20% of people want the Council to “get on with the job” and keep them informed, 55-65% want to be consulted on major issues only, and 20-25% want to be consulted on most issues.

The Council has to balance these different expectations.

Legislation also governs how the Council involves the community in decision making – in particular, the Local Government Act and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.

The role of Palmerston North City Council

  • facilitate and monitor community outcomes
  • formulate the Council’s strategic direction in conjunction with the community through the 10-Year and Annual Plans
  • determine what services the Council will provide and what activities it will undertake
  • manage principal risks
  • administer regulations and uphold the law
  • monitor the delivery of Palmerston North's 10-Year and Annual Plans
  • advocate on behalf of the local community with central government, other local authorities and other agencies
  • facilitate solutions to local needs
  • develop local resources
  • manage local infrastructure including network infrastructure (like roads, sewage disposal, water, stormwater and flood control) and community infrastructure (like libraries, parks and recreational activities)
  • environmental management
  • plan for the district's future needs

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