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State of the city monitoring tool

Use the state of the city monitoring tool to find out about key trends in Palmerston North, and what we are doing to make our city a better place to live.

Is crime in Palmerston North dropping at a faster or slower rate than in the whole of the country?  Are more or fewer people in Palmerston North involved in the arts than nationally?

The answers are "faster" and "more" and you can find them in our interactive state of the city monitoring tool.

Note: this tool needs to be run on a desktop computer.

How is the city going?

This stream organises the information into nine subject groups:

  • built environment
  • economic
  • education and skills
  • leisure
  • natural environment
  • safety
  • social connectedness
  • social well-being
  • standard of living

Browse these groups for key information about living in Palmerston North.

What is the Council doing?

This stream organises the information by Council strategies. It includes brief summaries of what we are trying to achieve through our strategies. So, you can read about our aims and then look at the trends and actions to see how well we are doing.

For more information or comments, contact us.