Your Council

Our vision

Our vision for Palmerston North is to be recognised as a vibrant, caring, innovative, sustainable and prosperous city.

We have five goals: three describe the sort of city people want Palmerston North to be, and two describe the sort of organisation people want the Council to be.

Our city goals

  • Palmerston North is a socially sustainable city where people want to live because of its safe and easy lifestyle and its many social, cultural, and recreational opportunities.
  • Palmerston North is a leading city in the quest to become environmentally sustainable.
  • Palmerston North is an economically sustainable city which attracts, fosters and retains businesses and jobs.

Our organisational goals

  • Palmerston North City Council is financially responsible and residents are satisfied that they get value for money from their rates.
  • Palmerston North City Council understands the diverse views of the City's people, makes prudent decisions, and ensures that people know what it is doing and why.

We can sum up all these goals in one word: sustainability.

Sustainability means having a healthy environment that is clean and safe. It means having a strong economy with lots of jobs. It means having a caring community where people look after each other. It means having lots of leisure opportunities.

Sustainability also means we understand what people want and make prudent financial decisions.

It means doing all of these things now and in the future.

The City Council's role in this is set out in our Sustainable City Strategy. This is a high level road-map for the Council. More detail is set out in our other strategies.

Our strategies help us to achieve our vision for Palmerston North. They set out in detail what we will do to make the city more vibrant, caring, innovative, sustainable and prosperous.

Our strategies all feed into our 10 Year Plan. The 10 Year Plan shows what services we provide for residents, organisations and businesses. It also shows our major projects and when these will happen.