Your Council

Passport to Play Palmy

Print a copy of the Passport to Play Palmy booklet and become an explorer in your home town. It’s free, fun, and will keep the whole family occupied for ages.

Photo shows two happy children playing on rope swing in a park.

Get outside and have a wild time.

We live in a stunning area of the world with lots of adventures just on our doorstep. Passport to Play Palmy is your invitation to get outside and have fun in some of Palmerston North's best parks.

Your mission

Become an explorer in your home town.

We've placed bright orange posts in some of our favourite parks around Palmerston North. Find all 10 and 'stamp' your passport.

The Passport to Play Palmy booklet is crammed full of other ideas for things to do at each park as well.

Print a passport

Print off a passport and follow the easy instructions to make your own. You can collect stamps on the one-page passport if you don't want to print out the whole booklet.

Love where you live

The passport is aimed at encouraging locals to get outdoors, to love where you live, and have fun. However there are some serious reasons behind it.

Getting outside is good for everyone’s mental health and activity levels. Unstructured, outdoor play is also important for children’s development and could have positive environmental benefits in future.

By getting our children outdoors, they have fun, take risks and exercise without even noticing it. Additionally, the hope is that they develop a sense of adventure and a love of nature and exploring. The next generation has significant environmental issues to address. If they grow up feeling connected to nature, they may just have the passion and drive to tackle these problems successfully.