Palmy Unleashed

We're a Council programme designed to help create an energetic city we can all be proud of. If you're a business, community group or a local with a quirky idea for an inner-city event, Palmy Unleashed is here to support you.

What makes a Palmy Unleashed event?

We're not about rigid protocol, but we do have a few criteria in mind for Palmy Unleashed events. We're looking for events that are:

  • unique and a little bit unexpected
  • community led
  • new, or new to Palmy
  • small to medium sized
  • musical, artistic, recreational, sporty, leisure-focused
  • open to everyone
  • situated in the city centre
  • making use of public places like the Square, footpaths, laneways and carparks
  • helping to boost off-peak periods and encouraging people to stay longer and do more in the city centre
  • either a one off or keen to grow and become self-sustainable

What can Palmy Unleashed do for you?

If your idea fits the Palmy Unleashed concept, then read on. We offer different levels of support depending on your needs.

I just need advice

No worries! If you're all set with your budget and event plan, but you need advice on things like booking public spaces, local bylaws, health and safety and traffic management, we can help.

I need to borrow some gear

That's all good. We can't promise we have everything you need, but we do have some cool gear available for events that fit the Palmy Unleashed concept.

I'd like some social media help

Provided your event fits the Palmy Unleashed concept, we can help promote your event through our social media channels.

I need support

Sometimes you have a great idea, but no idea what to do with it. For the right events, we can provide the whole package of support, including event planning guidance, social media promotion, event equipment and more.

We can't wait to hear your ideas!

Get in touch and let's see what we can do. Email: