Cemeteries and crematorium bylaw

The Palmerston North Cemeteries and Crematorium Bylaw facilitates the service we provide at the city cemeteries and crematorium. It covers issues like the sale of burial plots, vehicle control, and keeping the graves and monuments in good order.

In 2018 we introduced an administration manual to manage administrative provisions in the bylaw.

Other key changes included clarifying what a natural burial is, and what grave decorations are and are not permissible. We've removed the five-year maximum period for on the soil grave decorations, and instead allow these for 12 months, with the ability to renew approval annually.

Cemeteries and Crematorium Bylaw(PDF, 213KB)

Cemeteries and Crematorium Bylaw administration manual(PDF, 325KB)

This bylaw will be reviewed in 2027-28.