Water bylaws

From the mighty Manawatū River to our taps, water is a special part of our city that needs protecting. Our water bylaws help us ensure that this vital resource stays pure and healthy for generations to come.

Stormwater Bylaw

Learn about how Palmerston North City Council sustainably manages our drainage systems while ensuring our health, property and environment are safeguarded. A new bylaw came into effect on 24 May 2022. 

Stormwater Bylaw 2022(PDF, 240KB)

Stormwater Bylaw 2022 administration manual(PDF, 160KB)

Trade Waste Bylaw

We're conscious of making sure that our wastewater system is operating effectively always, and we need the help of businesses to make sure that trade waste is discharged properly. Our Trade Waste Bylaw ensures that happens. A new bylaw came into effect on 23 May 2022. 

Trade Waste Bylaw 2022(PDF, 489KB)

Trade Waste Bylaw 2022 administration manual(PDF, 364KB)

Wastewater Bylaw

Ever wonder what happens to the water as it flows down your drains? Our Wastewater Bylaw ensures that you don't have to wonder about how your wastewater is managed. We've got it covered! This bylaw will be reviewed in 2027-28.

Wastewater Bylaw(PDF, 329KB)

Wastewater Bylaw Administration Manual(PDF, 1MB)

Water Supply Bylaw

Council is committed to making sure that fresh, safe drinking water is available all throughout our city, and our water infrastructure is operating to the best of its ability. Check out how we manage supplying water to our almost 90,000 residents. This bylaw is being reviewed in 2021-22.

Water Supply Bylaw(PDF, 325KB)

Water Supply Bylaw administration manual(PDF, 2MB)