Proposed Plan Change F: Ashhurst growth areas

This proposed plan change aims to rezone four sites in Ashhurst to enable more homes to be built.


The four sites we're proposing to rezone are shown in red on the map.

Ashhurst is identified as a preferred residential growth area in the Palmerston North City Growth Plan.

This proposal seeks to rezone these four sites as residential:

  • Mulgrave Street area (currently zoned conservation and amenity)
  • North Street area (currently zoned rural)
  • The Pit area (currently zoned recreation)
  • Winchester Street area (currently zoned rural)

Estimated timeframes

Research and preliminary investigations (2018-2020)

Pre-consultation (2019-2021)

Detailed investigations and District Plan drafting (2021 - early 2022)

District Plan Change notification (early-mid 2022)

Hearing (mid-late 2022)

Want to know more?

If you've got any questions, please get in touch with Michael Duindam, Principal Planner, phone: 06 356 8199 or email: