Summerhill Drive transformation


We want to make Summerhill Drive safer for all road users.

Over the next few years we are going to be widening and connecting current cycleways, and adding ones where there aren't any.

Part of this work will also include narrowing entrances to some streets to slow down motorists. In some locations we will also include indented bus bays and safe spots for pedestrians to wait in the middle of the road.

We're breaking the project into sections as the type of work needed will be different in different sections.

The first part we're working on is between Springdale Grove and Old West Road, where we're installing Palmy's first permanent separated cycleway.

This stretch is known to be dangerous, so our designs focus on improving safety for all road users.


  • Linemarking October 2021
  • Installation of barriers summer 21/22

For more information

This work will encourage more people to choose to walk, bike or catch a bus to get around town. It supports our goals to be an innovative and growing city, and a creative and exciting city. You can find more detailed information about how we plan to achieve this in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan, Active Communities and Transport Plans.