Private Plan Change B: Pioneer City West Ltd

A private plan change request to the District Plan, submitted by Pioneer City West Limited.

The proposed plan change seeks to enable the development of land (approximately 73 hectares) to the west of Palmerston North for a range of land uses in accordance with a specified Pioneer City West Growth Area Outline Development Plan. This is intended to provide for the coherent growth of the city and will contribute toward addressing an existing shortage of land for urban growth.

Summary of proposed plan change B

Removal of the existing rural zone that applies to the subject site and replace it with a combination of residential, medium density, school, special use and commercial zonings. The fundamental basis for the proposed plan change is the introduction of a comprehensive development plan for the area which can be summarised as:

  • Establishing a clear community identity through the provision of central open space.
  • Provision for a school in the heart of the area.
  • Provision for medium density housing clustered around the central core of the area.
  • Setting aside a large area as 'Special Use' for activities such as a retirement village.
  • A designed hierarchy of roads with a high level of landscape planting and amenity and stormwater soakage systems.
  • Planted buffer will be provided between the area and surrounding rural areas.
  • Planned future roading links to protect connectivity to adjacent areas in the event of future development.
  • Amending the existing Landscape Protection Areas and associated setback and height rules for buildings and structures.
  • Replace the current landscape provisions with one 10 metre setback line for residential buildings and structures, including a co-ordinate schedule for the precise location of the setback line.
  • Amend the relevant objective and policy to make reference to residential buildings and remove reference to height of buildings adjacent to the escarpment.

Enquiries about Private Plan Change B can be made to Michael Duindam, phone 06 356 8199 or email


The Council publicly notified Private Plan Change B on 15 August 2013. Original Submissions to the Plan Change closed 4pm on 13 September 2013. The Council publicly notified the availability of the summary of decisions requested by persons making original submissions to Proposed Private Plan B on 14 November 2013. Council called for further submissions in support of, or in opposition to the submissions that had been lodged to Private Plan Change B from 14 November to 29 November 2013.


Public Notice Original Submissions Period (15 August 2013)(PDF, 281KB)

Public Notice Further Submissions Period (14 November 2013)(PDF, 175KB)

Summary of Decisions Requested from Original Submissions(PDF, 877KB)

Original Submissions

Submission 1-14(PDF, 6MB)
Submission 15-19(PDF, 5MB)
Submission 20-26(PDF, 4MB)
Submission 27: Page 1-30(PDF, 5MB)  Page 31-68(PDF, 6MB)
Submission 28-34(PDF, 4MB)

Further Submissions

Further submission 1-6(PDF, 4MB)

Pioneer City West Limited - Request for Plan Change

Index of Contents(PDF, 5MB)
Section One
Request for plan change(PDF, 5MB)
Section Two
Introduction(PDF, 72KB)
Section Three
Matters to be Considered under the Act(PDF, 364KB)
Section Four
The Environment of the Plan Change Area(PDF, 74KB)
Section Five
Description of the Plan Change(PDF, 74KB)
Section Six
Assessment of Environmental Effects(PDF, 308KB)
Section Seven
Consultation(PDF, 71KB)
Section Eight
Planning Assessment and Section 32 Analysis(PDF, 148KB)
Section Nine
Conclusions(PDF, 66KB)
Appendix A
Certificate of Title(PDF, 2MB)
Appendix B
Prorata Landscape Assessment(PDF, 5MB)
Appendix C
River Edge Consulting Flood Assessment(PDF, 8MB)
Appendix D
Proarch Architects Limited Urban Design Assessment(PDF, 5MB)
Appendix E
Bruce Withell Soil Assessment(PDF, 7MB)
Appendix F
Pirie Consultants Servicing Aspects(PDF, 21MB)
Appendix G
Tim Kelly Transportation Impact Assessment(PDF, 7MB)
Appendix H
CPG New Zealand Limited Preliminary Site Inspection Report(PDF, 6MB)
Appendix J
Letter from Powerco Limited dated 13th October 2009(PDF, 5MB)
Appendix L
Malcolm Hunt Associates Assessment Reverse Sensitivity(PDF, 3MB)
Appendix M
Engineering Design Consultants Limited Stormwater Mitigation Report(PDF, 1002KB)
Appendix N
Engineering Design Consultants Limited Liquefaction Potential Assessment Interpretive Geotechnical Report (Part 1)(PDF, 6MB)
Engineering Design Consultants Limited Liquefaction Potential Assessment Interpretive Geotechnical Report (Part 2)(PDF, 8MB)
Image Folio - Part 1(PDF, 4MB)
Image Folio - Part 2(PDF, 5MB)