An innovative and growing city


A city that is clever about the way it uses its natural advantages to encourage and support innovation, entrepreneurship and new industries, and positions itself to take advantage of change to fuel sustainable growth, prosperity and wellbeing.

Goal 1

Target: 12,000 more jobs by 2031

Palmerston North is a growing city, and we need to plan for this growth. We need to make it easy to get around, and to make sure we cater for everyone's needs as the city expands.

Our goal is for a productive local economy that supports community wellbeing. We want new industries to create employment to expand our city’s opportunities. We want to drive innovation by providing support and infrastructure to enable diversification. Palmerston North will stand out by becoming a low carbon economy.

The nature of work is changing and there will be many different types of work in the future. We must work with enterprises, small and large, to enable traditional industries to evolve and new industries to emerge. The natural advantages of Palmerston North will support innovation and the development of new industries. We will position Palmerston North to take advantage of new jobs in research, development and creative industries. Palmerston North will take advantage of change to encourage sustainable growth and wellbeing.

We want to...

  • Support economic wellbeing through the Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA)
  • Promote the city to build a positive national and international reputation
  • Provide enough land and infrastructure to meet housing and business demands
  • Provide enough development capacity to meet expected demand for housing and business in the short, medium and long term
  • Meet our legal requirements for building and resource consents
  • Provide public spaces with good urban design
  • Provide a transport system that links people and opportunities

Strategy and plans related to this goal

Innovative & Growing City Strategy(PDF, 558KB)

City Growth Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Economic Development Plan(PDF, 491KB)

Transport Plan(PDF, 1MB)


Mapping the future