Albert Street cycleway


Albert Street has been prioritised in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan for needing a safe cycleway.

Over summer 2020-21 we're beginning the engagement phase of this work – which sees us getting input from the people who live or businesses that operate from this section of the street, as well as the side streets that flow directly off it.

Once we get their feedback we'll work on a concept design and show them again. Then we'll do a city-wide consultation. We're expecting this to happen in 2022, with construction starting later the same year.

Albert Street changes along its entire length, from residential areas to busy shopping precincts. There are schools and small businesses, too. The cycleway will reflect these different environments.

The cycleway will be constructed on both sides of the existing road, which will take up space currently allocated to parking along some sections. We will come up with options to mitigate the effect of these changes – for example, around shops and schools.

A cycleway will help our community

Our city is growing, and we need to enable more people to move around safely and easily. Albert Street is a busy thoroughfare with residents, businesses, school students and commuters using it every day. We need to make it user friendly for all users.

This project along Albert Street will provide high quality, best practice cycle lanes, encouraging more people to cycle more often.

Cycling helps make our streets safer and our community healthier. It is better for our environment. It saves you money and can be good for our city's economy, as people who cycle and walk tend to shop locally. Being active on the way to school can improve education results, too. The whole community benefits.

The Urban Cycle Network Masterplan will deliver upgrades to a number of streets across Palmerston North over the coming years. The cycleway along Albert Street will connect with cycleways on other streets, such as Featherston Street, forming an integrated network for bike riders of all ages and abilities.

In addition to creating cycleways, we're also working to reduce traffic speeds around schools and shopping precincts, and educate and support young riders through Bike Ready, Bikes in Schools and School Travel Plan initiatives.

For more information

This work will encourage more people to choose to walk, bike or catch a bus to get around town. It supports our goals to be an innovative and growing city, and a creative and exciting city. You can find more detailed information about how we plan to achieve this in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan, Active Communities and Transport Plans.


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