Ferguson Street safety improvements


We're changing Ferguson Street to make the area safer for everyone, and to help traffic flow around our city centre more smoothly.

We’ll be upgrading the stretch from Pak'nSave to South Street.  This includes the notorious intersection at Pitt St.

So, what are we doing?

  • Changing the intersection at Ferguson-Pitt into a traffic-light controlled intersection.
  • Widening the road to four lanes.
  • Pedestrian-controlled traffic lights to across Ferguson St at the Pak ‘n Save fuel station.
  • A wider footpath by Intermediate Normal School.
  • Minor changes to Linton-Ferguson intersection to prevent right turns across four lanes of traffic.

Read the latest progress update

19 September update - Previously our contractor Downer completed some early work to start the Ferguson-Pitt transformation – including setting up the new traffic layout and removing the pedestrian crossing on Ferguson.

This work allows our in-house Council water team to now start upgrading the water pipes beneath the road. The team began setting up on Friday 16 September and you’ll see them start work from early next week. Their work is expected to take a few weeks, before Downer returns to start the road rebuild.

The team will start next week on the pipes along Pitt Street and a small section of Ferguson Street to Camelot Motor Lodge.

Properties on the southern side of Pitt Street (opposite side to the FMG building) will undergo a brief water shutdown period on Tuesday (20 September) night. The affected properties have been either visited by our team or a letter delivered to their letterbox on Friday. We’ll need to do three more water shutdowns to connect new mains during the project, and we will work closely with any affected properties on the best times and days to do these.

Before Christmas the main work will be focusing on some upgrades to water services in the area.



Artist impression of the crossing of Pitt and Ferguson Streets Traffic lights will replace the existing intersection at Ferguson/Pitt.

Safety is driving these changes

Over the past 10 years, there have been more than 34 crashes along this stretch of road and two intersections.

One was fatal and 17 caused injuries, but those only account for crashes where police were called to the scene. There are likely more crashes that were not reported.

Ferguson Street to be four lanes

The stretch of Ferguson Street – from Fitzherbert Avenue to Pitt Street – is the only section of our inner ring road to still have only two lanes of traffic.

We’re widening the road by using the large grass berm that runs along Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School. We previously bought this land in anticipation for this project. We also purchased the block of land on the corner of Ferguson and Pitt Streets.

We will reconstruct the kerb (roadside) and footpath in front of the school. We are also installing pedestrian-controlled traffic lights outside the Pak‘nSave fuel pump.

Artist impression of the Ferguson Linton intersection Pedestrian-controlled traffic lights will also help people to safely cross four lanes of traffic.

Pitt-Ferguson intersection to have traffic lights

We are installing traffic lights at this intersection as it’s notorious for being confusing and dangerous.

Once construction is finished, pedestrians will be able to cross safely at the new lights. Traffic lights on the inner ring road will be re-phased around our city centre to efficiently move everyone around.

Exiting Linton Street to become left turn only

We know the main cause of crashes at this intersection is from people turning right, or cutting across, Ferguson Street. 

This manoeuvre would be more dangerous once the road is widened to four lanes.

As a result, we’ll change the intersection to only allow left-hand turns. This is like what we’ve done at Pioneer/Lyndhurst and Walding/Taonui.

Construction is broken into five stages

The staging map below outlines how construction will take place. The project starts in September and is expected to be finished in early-2023.

Two-way traffic will be maintained along Ferguson Street during construction. However, temporary intersection closures are needed on South Street and Linton Street.

Map indicates the stages of transformation at Ferguson and Pitt streets




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