Key topics we'll be asking for feedback on

During the consultation we’ll be asking you specific questions about a number of topics. These are the big ones we'll be asking you to have your say on.

During consultation there will be a wide range of material about these projects, including options for each of the topics below with clear pros and cons explained for you to consider.

A review of the rating system and whether we need to change the way we calculate rates

We have 3 options for you to select from:

  • land value (status quo)
  • capital value
  • a hybrid option with 70% land and 30% capital (our preferred option). 

Elected members discussed this at a Council meeting on 18 December.

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Access the agenda and minutes

Futureproofing community facilities

This work includes upgrades to new facilities and creating new ones to meet community needs.

Seismic upgrades in the city centre and how we fund them

This includes our Central Library, Te Manawa and the Council offices. 

Feedback on the challenges we face

We'll also be asking you to give feedback on some key areas of what we do at Council, what we're proposing, and what your thoughts are. This includes for water, transport, housing and growth.