Be water smart this summer, Palmerston North!

Published on 20 December 2022

Man watering vegetable garden with a hand-held hose.

While there’s been a fair bit of rain lately, we’re not expecting it to stay that way for long, with a forecast of a hot and sunny Christmas and New Year in sight.

As everyone heads into the Christmas break we’re asking residents to think about their water use over the coming weeks and months and get behind our summer water use programme to help Palmerston North avoid water restrictions once again.

We introduced the initiative a couple of years ago to encourage our residents to voluntarily act as though they’re already in water restrictions, and to only use water outside between 7pm and 9pm, every second day.

The community listened and we’ve managed to get through the past couple of summers without any restrictions!

So, we’re asking you all again to make the choice to only use water outside every second day. Summer water use means everyone should only use unattended sprinklers and hoses every second day and only between 7pm and 9pm. Your day is based on your house number so even houses water on even days, and odd houses on odd days.

Three Waters Group Manager Mike Monaghan says our Turitea Dams are currently full due to the recent rain, but the levels of the dam can change quickly so is asking everyone to partake in summer water use again.

“We’re asking people to start these efforts now, through to April. It was great that we could avoid water restrictions these past couple of summers, and we really hope we can make it three summers in a row.”

He says Palmerston North will only move to compulsory restrictions on outdoor water use if our water conservation efforts aren’t enough, and we have concerns about a water shortage.

Our city’s water comes from a combination of the Turitea Dams and 10 bores around the city and villages. Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe and Longburn each have only one bore to supply them.

Mr Monaghan says it’s important we continue to be careful stewards of a precious resource.

“Our city is extremely fortunate compared to many others around the country. We have planned well and have a range of water sources available. This is about showing that we value water, and don’t waste it. It focuses on choosing to minimise our water use over summer, changing our behaviour long-term and valuing water as the incredibly precious taonga it is.”

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