Shaping Palmy's future with your vote

Published on 16 September 2022

A pothole on road overlaid with text that reads: KA HIAHIA PANONITANGA? TUKU PŌTI MAI.

Palmy people will begin to receive their voting papers with the Palmerston North City Council election now underway. Residents and ratepayers have until 12pm on Saturday 8 October to cast their vote on who they wish to represent them over the next three years.

Democracy and Governance Manager, Hannah White, says it’s time to think of what you and your whānau want for Palmy.

“This is your chance to really influence Palmy’s future. Do you like the way this city is heading? Or do you think things could be done better or differently? Make sure you have your say and vote.”

Voting papers can be posted in one of the many DX mailboxes or ballot box locations across the city.

“We’ve got more than 50 locations around Palmy where you can post your vote. All of these locations have been mapped out on our website. You can even search your address and find the nearest ballot boxes to your home.”

Mrs White urges voters to make a plan and to not leave voting until the last minute.

“Remember, there’s no online voting option in elections, and it doesn’t just happen on one day. Fill out your voting papers, seal the envelope and leave it next to your car keys. Make sure you grab it and post it on the way to work, while dropping the kids off, or while out doing your groceries.”

If you aren’t enrolled to vote, you can still do so by heading to and then coming to the Council’s Customer Service Centre during opening hours, between 16 September and 8 October, to cast a special vote.

The election will be conducted by the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system. This is when everyone’s vote gets counted once, but you get to rank as many candidates as you wish.

Mrs White says that while you don’t need to rank all the candidates, it’s a good idea to rank at least a few.

“Put a 1 in your top spot, then a 2, 3 and so on. This will mean that if your favourite candidate already has enough votes to get in, your vote won’t get wasted.”

Voting closes at 12 noon on Saturday 8 October. Any ballot boxes that are kept inside schools will only be open up until the school holidays and businesses until Friday afternoon, 7 October. It’s important that people don’t leave voting to the last minute, says Mrs White.

“Don’t miss out on having your say and don’t let someone else decide for you - every single vote counts!”

Preliminary results will be notified on the council’s website and on social media on Sunday 9 October.

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