What does Red look like for Palmy?

Published on 01 February 2022

Red tile with a red traffic light and text that reads: Palmy's whero.

Palmy moved to Red under the new Covid-19 protection framework at 11.59pm on 23 January. Under a red traffic light there are some changes to events and venue facilities, and very minor changes for our swimming pool complexes. This information was updated on 1 February to include changes at Kelvin Grove Cemetery and the campground at Ashhurst Domain.

CET Arena, Conference and Function Centre, Caccia Birch events limited

We can only host events up to 100 people under the red setting.

At CET Arena, Conference and Function Centre and Caccia Birch anyone attending an event under 100 people will need to maintain 1m physical distancing, show a vaccine pass, need to wear a face mask while entering and exiting and in shared areas like bathrooms and foyers. Our staff will be in contact with all event organisers.

Lido, Freyberg and Splashhurst swimming pools have minor changes

Leisure swimming continues, with all facilities requiring vaccine passes.

There will be changes to swimming events and group fitness classes as these are considered events. Our pool operators CLM will be in contact with event organisers and those attending group fitness classes.

Parks and cemeteries

We've assessed some of our parks, including Arapuke Trails and Sledge Track, to determine if they can stay open, or if we close them to ensure we don’t put any undue pressure on our hospital’s emergency department. At this point these parks remain open.

The campground at Ashhurst Domain is closed until further notice. 

The cemetery office, chapel and Book of Memories at Kelvin Grove Cemetery are closed.

Other services and facilities remain status quo

Our customer service centre is only open from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

We want our customer service centre to remain open as much as possible, so we are splitting our team into two teams to ensure we can continue to help you over the coming weeks and months. You can continue to call us 24/7 on 06 356 8199.

At this stage, based on current guidance for the red setting there are no major changes to our libraries, CET Wildbase Recovery or any of our other facilities or services under the red setting.

At times there may be some changes to our facilities or services if there are further updates to the red setting, if facilities are identified as locations of interest, or if reduced staffing levels impact whether we can open or operate services safely.

Since early 2020 we’ve been continuously reviewing how we continue to offer as many services as possible under the different alert levels and protection framework settings, and we will continue to do so.

If we do have any changes our community will be advised on our social media channels and website. Facilities would also have posters up on site.

Stay safe!

It’s important we all do everything we can to look after each other. Please continue to follow the MidCentral DHB’s updates about cases, check for locations of interest, wear a mask where required, scan in and take care of yourselves and your family. We will continue to look after you and your essential services as we have done through the past two years of this pandemic.