Please continue to conserve water

Published on 21 April 2023

Green tile with white text that says conserve water.

The city’s main water pipe has now been temporarily repaired following a major leak this morning, but we still need residents and businesses to continue to conserve water for the rest of the day.

Our water team has been on site on Turitea Road since 10pm last night and completed the temporary repair to the pipe mid-morning.

A permanent repair will be scheduled shortly. The reason we haven’t done a permanent repair now is it takes approximately 12 hours and we need to disconnect water to a small number of residents in Turitea. We try and do this work at night time so it has little effect on those people. We’ll be touching base with those residents to let them know when that will occur.

We need you to only use water for essential purposes for the rest of the day

While a temporary repair is in place, we need the city to keep conserving water so the reservoir can refill. That is expected to be complete early tomorrow.

For the rest of the day, we are asking everyone to keep using water for only drinking, cooking and washing hands and the toilet.

Please leave your showers, laundry, dishwashers and gardening until tomorrow.

If we don’t provide another update today, residents and businesses can return to normal water use from midnight tonight.

All water remains safe to drink and use.

Residents in Ashhurst, Longburn, Linton and Bunnythorpe can use water as normal as they have their own bores and aren’t connected to the city pipe network.

Your water could be discoloured

We have ten bores around the city supplying water every day. Those bores are now supplying water to more areas than they normally do, which means water may be travelling through a pipe in a different direction to normal. As a result, there is a small chance that in some areas water could be discoloured from any natural minerals within the water or pipe moving around.

If you have discoloured water, please contact our call centre so our water team can get a better idea of where the discolouration is occurring.

Thanks to our water team

We’re really proud of the efforts of our water team who have worked through the night to complete the temporary repair, and we know our community will share that sentiment. We also want to thank our community for helping to conserve water today.

Later today, you may see our water team out and about flushing some pipes in your neighbourhood if discolouration continues. Pushing a large amount of water through the pipe quickly helps the water become clear again.

We'll provide updates if anything changes

Our website and Facebook page will have any updates. 

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