Awapuni Park

Photo shows aerial view of lawn tennis courts surrounded by shrubs with raised garden beds in the foreground.

Come play tennis with the kids, visit the playground, or just relax in the sun.

Dog access

No dogs in the area surrounding the children's playground, on-leash in the rest of the park.

Photo shows aerial view of a grassy park with some established shade trees around the perimeter, a number of lawn tennis courts, and the community gardens. Neighbouring houses stretch into the background.

We're upgrading Awapuni Playground!

In early 2022, Palmy kids will be able to play on a brand new Awapuni Playground.

During the 10-Year Plan consultation, residents requested a fully-fenced playground.

We've decided to do this at Awapuni as part of the playground upgrade. The playground will be fenced, but still have two self-closing gates.

New playground will be a better design for younger kids

You told us the existing playground didn't get much use as it was designed for much older children. With the playground being located next to a daycare, it made sense to us to ensure the new playground worked best for younger kids to play.

This means all equipment is height appropriate for kids under the age of 5.

The new playground will include a ladybird which has a slide coming off it as well as swings, small rubber mushrooms to play with, and a fort with slides.

For the older kids we'll be keeping some of the existing climbing equipment and upgrading the basketball hoop to be adjustable.

We're also upgrading some of the paths to the playground to ensure a better flow between equipment and for better sightlines for parents and safety reasons.

The old playground will be rehomed

While the playground needed some upgrades, some of it is still in pretty good condition. This means we will be rehoming it to other parks, where older children are more likely to play.

The playground will be ready this summer

Construction started on the playground in November, and we're hoping to have it ready in early 2022.

We've set aside around $100,000 for the upgrade.


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