Savage Reserve

Photo shows aerial view of flat grassed area bordered by homes on one side and trees on the other.

This park is in the heart of one of the first state housing areas in New Zealand, named after former Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage.

In 2022, we updated Savage Reserve with a new playground and concrete pathway that cuts across the reserve to Victoria Esplanade and the Manawatū River.

We also installed new rubbish bins and seating, including picnic tables, making Savage Reserve the perfect spot for your whānau on a sunny day!

The playground has a historic theme and modern safety features. Some of the play equipment includes a single stainless-steel slide, wooden seesaw, 4-seated spinner, monkey bars and a maypole. There are also elements of natural play, with large rocks, logs and soil mounds.

Photo shows a newly paved pathway in the Savage Reserve, with the playground on road sides.

There is plenty of shade

You've told us you'd like the playground to have plenty of shade, so we've made a plan to ensure you and your little ones will be able to get shade while still enjoying the playground.

Along with the existing trees already established, several new trees, including fruit trees, have been planted.

There's also a gazebo near the playground to provide shaded seating.


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