Savage Reserve

Photo shows aerial view of flat grassed area bordered by homes on one side and trees on the other.

This park is in the heart of one of the first state housing areas in New Zealand, named after former Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage. It's great for a run around with the kids or your mates, and is used for junior football in winter. 

We have built a new pathway through Savage Reserve. New playground coming early 2022

In 2021, we asked you what new playground features you'd like to see at Savage Reserve.

You told us that not only did you want a new playground, but a pathway to cut across the reserve to the Victoria Esplanade and Manawatū River. Here it is!

The old playground will soon be relocated alongside a new playground soon. Read below for more details on the playground upgrade.
We will also install rubbish bins and additional seating, including picnic tables, making Savage Reserve the perfect spot for a sunny day!

Photo shows a newly paved pathway in the Savage Reserve, with the playground on road sides.

Playground will move to new location but stick to historic theme

We're proceeding with moving the location of the playground across the park, in between the four trees.

The new playground will stick to a historic theme and feature modern safety features. Some of the exciting new play equipment includes a single stainless-steel slide, wooden seesaw, 4-seated spinner, monkey bars and a maypole. The swings from the current playground will be staying where they are.

We will also be adding elements of natural play to the playground with large rocks, logs and soil mounds made from the soil ripped up during the pathway installation.

Along with all this we will be installing upgraded rubbish bins and additional seating, including picnic tables, making Savage Reserve a perfect spot for a sunny day!

There will be plenty of shade

You've told us you'd like the playground to have plenty of shade, so we've made a plan to ensure you and your little ones will be able to get shade while still enjoying the playground.

Along with the current trees already established around the spot for the new playground we'll be planting various new trees, including fruit trees.

We'll also be putting in a gazebo at the centre of the playground to provide shaded seating.

We'll keep the old playground up while building the new one

To make sure your whānau get to make the most of the coming summer months, we're leaving the old playground up while building you a new one!

Construction on the playground is scheduled to start in February. We hope to complete the playground by late summer, but this depends on getting all playground features on schedule.


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