Frederick Krull Walkway

For a journey of varied scenery, take this walkway through sportsfield, meadow reserve, and suburban streets.



High points provide great views back over the city and ranges. Dogs are welcome on parts of this loop so don't forget your pooch! Just make sure you pick up after them and don't leave anything behind.

Distance: 2.3km loop  

Contour: Flat to mildly contoured.

Surface: Grass, limestone, gravel and concrete

Access points: Fernlea Avenue, Shakespeare Way, Schnell Drive, Parnell Heights, Logan Way, Roberts Line

Conveniences: Picnic tables, playground, toilets and carpark at Celaeno Park

Special attractions: City views, open parkland, wetland and shops

Connects to: Schnell Wetland Walkway, close to Linklater Reserve

Dogs welcome

This is a dog exercise area, where you can walk your dog off-leash. Please pick up after your dog and ensure they are under control at all times.