Nomination forms

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Nominations are now open for this year's local elections

Here you’ll find nomination papers for mayor and councillor roles. These forms and their supporting documents need to be completed and submitted by 12pm on Friday 12 August.

The upcoming election will see two councillors elected to Te Pūao Māori ward, 13 councillors elected to Te Hirawanui general ward, and the mayor will be elected at large. 

You can only be nominated for one of the wards (so you can’t fill out nomination forms for both Te Hirawanui general ward and Te Pūao Māori ward). But you can be nominated for mayor as well as being nominated for a councillor role.

Completing your nomination forms

  • Download the nomination form below. You can print it, fill it out and then post it to the address on the form.
  • Or, pick up a form from our Customer Service Centre at 32 The Square, during opening hours. You can submit this to Council staff or post it to the address on the form.
  • Alternatively, you can download the form and edit it in PDF. You can then email this to the address on the form. However, a hard copy with signatures will also need to be received by the electoral officer.

Deposits can be made electronically or in person at the Customer Service Centre.

You’ll need to attach several items to the nomination form, so please read the instructions on the form carefully.