Declaration of results for the Palmerston North City Council Elections

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I hereby declare the results of the elections held on 8 October 2022 for the following offices:

Mayor (one vacancy)

 Candidate Affiliation Status
SMITH, Grant Independent Elected 
MITCHELL, Glenn Independent Excluded
KIKHOUNGA-NGOT, Hussein Pierre Independent Excluded
BARBER, Ross Easton Team God Excluded

Informal votes received: 65

Blank votes received: 784

I therefore declare Grant SMITH to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 10612.

Te Pūao Māori Ward (two vacancies)

Elected unopposed when nominations closed were Roly FITZGERALD and Debi MARSHALL-LOBB. 

Te Hirawanui General Ward (thirteen vacancies)

 Candidate Affiliation Status
WOOD, William George   Elected
BOWEN, Rachel Independent Elected
FINDLAY, Lew Independent Elected
BARRETT, Brent Green Elected
MICKALAD, Orphée Independent Elected
NAYLOR, Karen Independent Elected
DENNISON, Vaughan   Elected
ARNOTT, Mark Gordon   Elected
JOHNSON, Lorna Labour Elected
HANDCOCK, Patrick Independent Elected
HAPETA, Leonie   Elected
MEEHAN, Billy Independent Elected
ZABELIN, Kaydee Green Elected
CANDISH, James   Excluded
BUTT, Zulfiqar Labour Excluded
FUGLE, Les   Excluded
RAHIM, Atif Independent Excluded
TAONUI, Rhia Independent Excluded
PETRENAS, Bruno William Independent Excluded
CHAWLA, Manjit
WALMSLEY, Samuel Independent Excluded
CLEMENT, Mike Independent Excluded
BUTLER, Mel   Excluded
JENSEN, Dion Allen Independent Excluded
LAMB, Tania   Excluded
LEE, Chiu Yeung   Excluded
FRASER, Jacinta   Excluded
KIKHOUNGA-NGOT, Hussein Pierre Independent Excluded
WELLINGTON, Murray John   Excluded
DUTT, Meenal Independent Excluded
ROKKANNO, Zakk Independent Excluded
WILSON, Nathan Charles   Excluded

Informal votes received: 1375

Blank votes received: 112

I therefore declare Mark Gordon ARNOTT, Brent BARRETT, Rachel BOWEN, Vaughan DENNISON, Lew FINDLAY, Patrick HANDCOCK, Leonie HAPETA, Lorna JOHNSON, Billy MEEHAN, Orphee MICKALAD, Karen NAYLOR, William George WOOD and Kaydee ZABELIN to be elected. The final quota as determined at the last iteration was 1367.247374094.

Full details of the official results of the election are available on request from the Electoral Officer.

Dated at Palmerston North, 14 October 2022
Dale Ofsoske
Electoral Officer
Palmerston North City Council
Te Marae o Hine - 32 The Square, Palmerston North 


The mayor and councillors will take their declaration of office at the inaugural Council meeting of the new Council term, to be held at 7pm on Wednesday, 26 October 2022 in the Council Chamber, first floor, Civic Administration Building, 32 The Square, Palmerston North.

A pōwhiri will commence at 5.30pm in Te Marae o Hine - The Square prior to the inaugural meeting on 26 October.

Members of the public are welcome to attend. 

The meeting will also consider an explanation of statutes, appointment of Deputy Mayor and date and time of the first Council meeting.

For further information please contact Democracy & Governance, telephone 06 356 8199.

Chris Dyhrberg
Acting Chief Executive