Rates database name suppression

If you don't want your name to be searchable in the rating information database you can apply to have it withheld.

Legislation dictates that the names and addresses of all ratepayers are publicly available on the rating information database.

However every ratepayer has the right to request that the Council withholds your information from the public database. Your request must be in writing.

Download and complete this application form: Rates name and address submission form(PDF, 113KB)

You can email it back to us at:  info@pncc.govt.nz or post to:

Rates Team
Palmerston North City Council
Private Bag 11034
Palmerston North

If you would like us to post you a rates name and address suppression application form, please call our Customer Service Centre on 06 356 8199

Remember to let us know if your postal address changes.