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Animal Management fees and charges

Here are the fees we charge for animal management, including dog registration fees and pound charges.

All charges include GST, effective from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. 

Dog registration and dog impounding fees are imposed under the Dog Control Act 1996. Impounding fees and droving charges are imposed under the Impounding Act 1955. The fees and charges are necessary to recover the cost to Council of providing these services.

Fixed fees

These charges cover the standard cost to Council in carrying out the work listed. However, additional charges may be charged depending on the circumstances, such as additional inspection fees that may be incurred in doing the work noted below.

Dog registration 

These fees are set under the Dog Control Act 1996.


Standard fee from 1 July 2021

Total fee including penalties if paid after 1 August 2021

General registration $148 $222
General registration (desexed dog) $110 $165
Preferred owner $88 $130
Rural working $51 $76.50
Disability assist (defined section 2 of the Dog Control Act 1996) No charge No charge
Certified for use by a specified agency (defined section 2 of the Dog Control Act 1996) No charge No charge
Preferred owner application $60  

Pound fees for dogs and other animals

Dog impounding

Where a dog is registered and microchipped and has no history within the past 12 months of involvement with our Animal Management services, it may be returned home at no cost.

These fees are set under S.68 of the Dog Control Act 1996.

First impound: $124

Second impound, within 12 months of first impound: $187

Third or subsequent impound, within 12 months of previous impound: $250

Daily charge per dog per day or part of a day: $19

Destruction of dog: $83

Adoption fee (covers microchipping, vaccination, neutering, registration, flea and worm treatment): $360

General impounding 

This is for all animals other than dogs (per head). These are set under the Impounding Act 1955.

First offence: $124

Repeated offence: $187

Sustenance and care: $15 per day

Supplementary feed for stock: 150% of sustenance charge

Emergency release

Emergency release of animals outside normal hours. Normal hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory and public holidays: $61 for first impound, $92 for subsequent impounds within 12 months.

Other fees

These fees may be added to the fixed fees list above or may be applied as a single charge. 

Driving charges

Hire transport: Actual cost incurred by Council

Council vehicles: $2.26 per kilometre


To carry out microchipping: $20 per dog

Charges for Council staff

These charges are the rate per hour (or part thereof) for Council staff services. 

Team Leader Animal Management and Education: $187

Animal Control Officer: $132

Administration Staff: $120

Head of Environmental Protection Services: $226

General Manager: $246

The Head of Environmental Protection Services is authorised to remit, reduce or refund the dog control fee or part of the fee in any particular case or class of dog where there are special grounds for doing so.

The registration fee for a dog that is declared a dangerous dog will be 150% of the level that would apply if it were not so classified (as required by section 32 (1)(e) of the Dog Control Act 1996).