Council & City

Fees and charges

You need to pay for some Council services. Here are our current fees. Please note that some fees have been revised and are set to increase on 1 July 2019.

Dog registration fees for 2019-20

Work type

Standard fee if paid by 1 August 2019

Total fee (including penalty) if paid after 1 August 2019

General registration $142 $213
General registration (desexed dog) $106 $159
Preferred owner $92 $138
Preferred owner (desexed dog) $80 $120
Rural non-working $76 $114
Rural non-working (desexed dog) $64 $96
Rural working $44 $66
Disability assist $nil $nil
Certified for use by specified agency $nil $nil

Disability assist and specified agency are as defined in section 2 of the Dog Control Act 1996.