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Plan Change 10

The purpose of Proposed Plan Change 10 is to review the Designations Section and Schedule within the District Plan, in particular reviewing the requirements for designations of the relevant Requiring Authorities.

Plan Change Status: Complete

Decision 21 May 2013
Commissioner Hearing 15 November 2012
Further Submissions Closed 6 September 2012
Further Submissions Open 23 August 2012
Submissions Closed 1 August 2012
Notified 4 July 2012

Plan Change Summary

This Plan Change sought to review the provision for Designations and the requirements of the relevant Requiring Authorities in Section 24: Designations of the Palmerston North City District Plan that relate to public works.  The review was necessary as Council have an obligation under the Resource Management Act 1991 to review provisions within a District Plan once they have been operative for ten years. Also, the review was necessary as the Council has an obligation to provide for the 'roll-over' of Designations within a proposed plan change under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Proposed Plan Change 10 can be summarised as:

  • A review of the District Plan's Designations Section (Section 24);
  • The rolling over of existing Designations in the District Plan pursuant to the Clause 4 process under the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991; 
  • Updating the requirements of Requiring Authorities (as identified in the current District Plan) for public works, including modifications to existing designations or new notices of requirement.

Two new Notices of Requirement which include:

  1. Minister of Police, Police Purposes, 22 Connolly Place, Palmerston North.
  2. Palmerston North City Council, Road Widening, Featherston Street between Ngata Street and Taonui Street.

Significant existing Designations subject to modification include:

  1. Horizons Regional Council, Flood Protection Purposes, Citywide - amending extent of Designation.
  2. Airways Corporation NZ, Air Navigation Aids, Roberts Line - inclusion of Designation of Air and associated land use controls.

Notified Plan Change

Proposed Plan Change 10 was publicly notified on 4 July 2012.

Plan Change 10 Designations and Section 32 Report

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Appendix 2 - Clause 4 Requirements

Appendix 3 - Written Notices from Requiring Authorities:-


Submissions closed on 1 August 2012.  12 submissions were received

Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested from Original Submissions on Thursday 23 August 2012.   Submissions to the Plan Change closed 4:00pm on Thursday 6 September 2012.

Public Notice dated 23 August 2012 (Further Submissions)

Summary of Decisions Requested from Original Submissions (Pdf 120Kb)

Original Submissions:- 1 to 6 (Pdf 1.73Mb), 7 (Pdf 1.8Mb), 8 (Pdf 1.9Mb) , 9 to 12 (2.32Mb)

Further Submissions


Decision dated 21 May 2013

Appendix 2 - Clause 4 Requirements

Appendix 3 - Written Notices from Requiring Authorities:-