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Plan Change 15A-H: further submissions

Plan Change 15A-H contains the following topic areas:    
A.  Rural Zone and Rural Subdivision  
B.  Wind Farms and Landscapes  
C.  Boundary Change Area (the area formerly within the Manawatu District)  
D.  Flood Hazards  
E.  North East Industrial Zone and Extension Area  
F.  Braeburn Industrial Area (Longburn)  
G.  Utilities  
H.  Airport Zone

Link to Plan Change 15A-H Notification Material (December 2014)

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have any enquiries regarding Further Submissions, please contact one of the planning officers listed at the bottom of this page.

By topic area, the purpose of Plan Change 15A-H is summarised as follows:

  • 15A Rural Zone and Rural Subdivision: A complete review of the Rural Zone provisions with a particular focus on rural-residential subdivision and the implementation of the Rural-Residential Land Use Strategy. Plan Change 15A proposes new resource management objectives and policies for rural subdivision and amends the rules and minimum lots sizes for rural subdivisions.
  • 15B Wind Farms and Landscapes: The introduction of new planning provisions governing commercial and domestic-scale wind turbines and the spatial definition of the skyline of the Tararua Ranges and the Manawatu Gorge.
  • 15C Boundary Change Area: Integration of the former Manawatu District Council boundary change area within the Palmerston North City District Plan.
  • 15D Flood Hazards: A review of the Flood Protection Zone and the introduction of a Flood Prone Areas overlay, which represents those areas known to flood in a 200-year flood event.
  • 15E North East Industrial Zone and Extension Area: A review of the existing North East Industrial Zone (NEIZ) provisions and a proposed 126 ha extension to the NEIZ which is supported by a Structure Plan and specific planning provisions.
  • 15F Braeburn Industrial Area (BIA): A proposed 33 ha industrial extension at Longburn which is supported by site-specific planning provisions in the Industrial Zone.
  • 15G Utilities: A complete review of the Utilities Section of the District Plan which gives effect to relevant national planning directions and identifies the national electricity grid on the Planning Maps.
  • 15H Airport Zone: A complete review of the Airport Zone and associated planning controls which protect and provide for the ongoing operation and development of Palmerston North Airport.

Further Submissions

Proposed Plan Change 15A-H was publicly notified on 29 January 2014 and submissions closed on 4 March 2015. 91 submissions were received.

The Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested by Persons Making Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 15A-H on 11 April 2015.  Submissions closed on 24 April 2015, 30 submissions were received (these can be viewed below).

Relevant Documentation:

Further Submissions

Original Submissions


SO-1 Bruce Peck
SO-2 D C Morrison
SO-3 Philip T Ropiha
SO-4 JP Ware Transport Ltd & JB Ware & Sons Family Trust
SO-5 Jane Richardson
SO-6 David C Parham
SO-7 Sustainable City Group
SO-8 Clive A Harding
SO-9 W B Holdsworth
SO-10 Shireen A Schofield
SO-11 David & Robyn Adam
SO-12 Fran Harvey
SO-13 Palmerston North City Council
SO-14 Rosemary Gear and 48 Others
SO-15 Robert H Fraser
SO-16 Brian C Holmes
SO-17 B J & C J Whitelock, John Whitelock and Others
SO-18 David K Severinsen
SO-19 Radio New Zealand Limited
SO-20 Ministry of Education
Attachment 1 - Submission 1 to 20 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-21 Jacobus J Van Vuuren
SO-22 The Oil Companies (Z Energy Ltd, BP Oil NZ Ltd, Mobil Oil NZ Ltd)
SO-23 Axis Estate Ltd & PMW Trustees Co Ltd
SO-24 Joseph Poff
SO-25 Matthew Currie
SO-26 John R Wycherley
SO-27 New Zealand Fire Service Commission
SO-28 Brian Green Properties (PN) Ltd
SO-29 Paul A Cole
SO-30 Ngawai Farms Limited
SO-31 Albert A & Jane S Van Der Zwan
SO-32 Paul E Wycherley
SO-33 Argosy Property Limited
SO-34 Palmerston North Airport Limited
SO-35 Bruce & Marilyn Bulloch
SO-36 Airways Corporation of New Zealand
SO-37 Friederike E Lugt
SO-38 Ashley Farms Ltd
SO-39 Philip H Pirie
SO-40 New Zealand Defence Force (See also submission 89)
Attachment 2 - Submission 21 to 40 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-41 Chorus New Zealand Limited
SO-42 Spark New Zealand Trading Limited
SO-43 Mighty River Power
SO-44 Federated Farms Manawatu-Rangitikei Province
Attachment 3 - Submission 41 to 44 (PDF 3.6Mb)
SO-45 Trustpower Limited Attachment 4 - Submission 45 (PDF 6Mb)
SO-46 Transpower New Zealand Limited Attachment 5-9  -  Submission 46 (Page 1 to 88 - PDF 8Mb) (Page 89 to 118 - PDF 7Mb) (Page 119 to 148 - PDF 7Mb) (Page 149 to 175 - PDF 7Mb) (Page 176 to 189 - PDF 3.3Mb)
SO-47 Heritage Estates Ltd
SO-48 Meridian Energy Limited
SO-49 Deborah A Sparkes
SO-50 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited
Attachment 10 - Submission 47 to 50 (PDF 8Mb)
SO-51 Kevin O'Connor & Associates
SO-52 Jeremy J Lind
SO-53 Dean Sparkes
SO-54 New Zealand Wind Energy Association
SO-55 Pioneer City West Ltd
SO-56 Horizons Regional Council
Attachment 11 - Submission 51 to 56 (PDF 9Mb)
SO-57 Horticulture New Zealand
SO-58 Dorothy M Alley
Attachment 12 - Submssion 57 and 58 (PDF 2Mb)
SO-59 Powerco
SO-60 KiwiRail Holdings Ltd
Attachment 13 - Submission 59 and 60 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-61 New Zealand Windfarms Limited Attachment 14 - Submission 61 (PDF 4.8Mb)
SO-62 Higgins Aggregates Limited
SO-63 Vector Gas Limited
SO-64 House Movers Section of NZ Heavy Haulage Assn (Inc), Britton Housemovers Ltd & Central Housemovers Ltd
Attachment 15 - Submission 62 to 64 (PDF 8Mb)
SO-65 Maurice R Alley
SO-66 Proarch Consultants Ltd
SO-67 Peter H Allen
SO-68 William M Kelly & Diane H Simpson
SO-69 Pita & Helen Kinaston
SO-70 John & Kathy Love
SO-71 FJ & Estate of B Setter/Frederick J Setter
Attachment 12 - Submssion 65 to 71 (PDF 8Mb)
SO-72 Anne J Milne
SO-73 Selwyn Wycherley
SO-74 John W Stephenson
Attachment 13 - Submission 72 to 74 (PDF 5Mb)
SO-75 Matthew Ellingham-Matvin Property Ltd
SO-76 Stu Waters
SO-77 Alison M Mildon
SO-78 Kevin O'Donnell
SO-79 Alpha Corporation
Attachment 14 - Submission 75 to 79 (PDF 3.5Mb)
SO-80 Gavin Terry
SO-81 Shannon & Co. Ltd
SO-82 Jill White
SO-83 Bruce Wilson
SO-84 Sarah L Taylor
SO-85 Peter J Learmonth & Kathryn J Learmonth
SO-86 Hercoe Family Trust
SO-87 New Zealand Transport Agency
SO-88 Starter Plants Ltd
SO-89 New Zealand Defence Force (see also Submission 40)
SO-90 Sandra K Hey
SO-91 Stephen Hopcroft & Lancaster Properties Ltd
Attachment 15 - Submission 80 to 91 (PDF 5Mb)


Enquiries about Plan Change 15A-H

Enquiries about Plan Change 15A-H can be made to the relevant Planning Officer listed below:

Topic Contact Phone / Email
A: Rural Zone & Subdivision
B: Wind Farms & Landscapes
C: Boundary Change Area
D: Flood Hazards
David Murphy (06) 356 8199
E: North East Industrial Zone & Extension Area
F: Braeburn Industrial Area (Longburn)
Jonathan Ferguson-Pye (06) 356 8199
G: Utilities
H: Airport Zone
Michael Duindam (06) 356 8199


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