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Plan Change 15A-H: proposal to incorporate material by reference

Material incorporated by reference are publications which have been referred to in Proposed Plan Change 15A-H and are standards that have to be complied with (that is, they have 'legal effect').

Proposed Plan Change 15A-H is one single District Plan Change made up of the following topic areas:
A.  Rural Zone and Rural Subdivision
B.  Wind Farms and Landscapes
C.  Boundary Change Area
D.  Flood Hazards
E.  North East Industrial Zone and Extension Area
F.  Braeburn Industrial Area (Longburn)
G.  Utilities
H.  Airport Zone

The following is a list of material proposed to be incorporated by reference into the Palmerston North City District Plan by Proposed Plan Change 15A-H:

Viewing material

Some of the documents listed below are not available to be viewed online, but may be inspected at our customer service centre.


If you wish to ask questions or purchase a copy of any of this material please contact our planning team on 06 356 8199.

The feedback period closed on Friday 23 January 2015.