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Plan Change 21

Plan Change 21 is a review of the current planning rules for parks, reserves, some watercourses, the Central Energy Trust Arena, and the Awapuni Racecourse and associated race training facilities on Te Wanaka Road.

Plan Change Status: Operative


Notified: 7 June 2017

Decision Dated: 3 May 2017 

Commissioner Hearing 14, 15 December 2016
Further Submissions Closed: 29 July 2016
Further Submissions Open: 13 July 2016
Submissions Closed 27 May 2016
Notified 28 April 2016

Plan Change Summary:

The purpose of Proposed Plan Change 21 is to review the District Plan objectives, policies and rules relating to the Recreation Zone, Conservation and Amenity Zone, Water Recreation Zone, Racecourse Zone, Showgrounds Zone, and Race Training Zone and to rezone selected areas of land.  Although the majority of the Plan Change is about keeping these sections up-to-date, there are a couple of proposed additions to the Palmerston North City District Plan:

  • a spatial plan that clarifies the intentions of the Awapuni Racecourse, with District Plan rules that control how development proposals on the Racecourse are assessed.
  • a master plan for the Central Energy Trust Arena that will clarify and guide Council investment, with District Plan rules that will assess compliance with the master plan.

Notified Plan Change

Proposed Plan Change and Variation 21 and Section 32 Report.

Section 32 Report:


Proposed Plan Change 21 was publicly notified on 28 April 2016 and submissions closed on 27 May 2016. 48 submissions were received.  The Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested by Persons Making Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 21 on 13 July 2016 and submissions closed at 4.00pm on 29 July 2016. Five submissions were received. 


Original Submissions

S1 Raymond J & Julie A Salmon

S2 Raymond J Lovelock

S3 Alasdair S Robertson

S4 Kevin A Pratt

S5 Harvey Jones

S6 Ryan G James

S7 Ben & Sue Larmer   

Submissions 1-7   

S8 Bruce & Marilyn Bulloch

S9 Railway Land Action Group Inc C/- Mrs Marilyn Bulloch

S10 Gary & Deralyn Thomas

S11 Paul G Humphries  

Submissions 8-11   

S12 Nga Uri o Rangitane Peter H Te Rangi

S13 Graeme W Martin

S14 Julie P Dustin

S15 Trina A Sheridan

S16 Craig R Sheridan

S17 Hayley Dustin   

Submissions 12-17  

S18 Powerco Limited Nadine Perera, Principal Planner

S19 Horizons Regional Council Lisa Thomas, Coordinator District Advice

S20 New Zealand Defence Force Rebecca Davies, Senior Environmental Officer

S21 Jeff Brown & Linda Samuelsson

Submissions 18-21

S22 Catrina F Tymkin & Kevin L Godfrey

S23 Gary & Kaye Cunningham

S24 Pioneer City West Limited & Heritage Estates (2000) Limited Paul Thomas, Director - Environmental Management Services Ltd

S25 Jenny Olsson

S26 Grand Oaks Area Residents Group 

Submissions 22-26

S27 Margaret A York

S28 New Zealand Institute of Architects Western Branch Darren Shadbolt

S29 Keith N Joblin

S30 Jan & Peter Clarke

S31 David B McFadyen

S32 Robert G Gibb

S33 Scott A McGill     

Submissions 27-33 

S34 Beth T A McGill

S35 Gabrielle S Gibb

S36 Ashmore Trust, Holly Jenkins 

Submissions 34-36 

S37 Jeffrey B Twigge

S38 Homestead Trustees Limited, Christine E Suckling

S39 Marilyn R Waller 

Submissions 37-39    

S40 Denis & Kaye Arnott

S41 Shirley D Taylor

S42 Nameer Alaswad

S43 James G Taylor

S44 Yvonne & Graham Webster

S45 David A T Gillies

S46 Elizabeth J Hill

S47 Alistair M O'Brien & Natasha A O'Brien

S48 Christine & Bruce Gibbons   

Submissions 40-48                                                                                                                             

Further submissions

FS1 Alasdair S Robertson

FS2 Powerco Limited Nadine Perera, Principal Planner

FS3 Grand Oaks Area Residents Group

Further Submissions 1-3  

FS3 Grand Oaks Area Residents Group

FS4 Paul Horton Nga Uri o Rangitane Peter H Te Rangi

FS5 Wiremu & Trieste TeAweawe Nga Uri o Rangitane Peter H Te Rangi

Further Submissions 3-5


Plan Change 21 - Recreation Zones and Race Training Zone

Agenda - Page 1 to 252 (Pdf 8Mb) - Page 253 to 350 (Pdf 6Mb)

Items Tabled at the Hearing

Further Information

New Zealand Defence Force response to questions from the Hearings Panel


Appeal to Environment Court

Parts of PC21 have been appealed to the Environment Court.  

Enquiries about the plan change

Photo shows Keegan pictured with giant chess set in the Square.

Keegan Aplin-Thane

Enquiries about Plan Change 21 can be made to Keegan Aplin-Thane, Policy Planner, on 06 356 8199 or email