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Plan Change 22A-G

Proposed Plan Change 22 A-G is the final plan change of the Sectional District Plan Review.

Plan change status: Operative

Plan Change 22A-G was notified on Thursday 12 April 2018. Submissions closed on 15 May 2018 and the Council has received 35 original submissions. 

Further submissions closed 18 July 2018, Council has received 9 further submissions.  A hearing was held 2, 3 & 12 October 2018 and the decision released 14 December that year.

Original Submissions:

Further Submissions:

Hearing by Commissioners

Decision of Commissioners - 14 December 2018

What is this about?

Proposed Plan Change 22 A-G (PPC22A-G) is the final plan change of the Sectional District Plan Review. The focus of PPC22A-G is on those sections of the District Plan that have not been reviewed or sections that have only been reviewed in part. PPC22A-G contains the following topic areas:

A. Introduction, Information Requirements and Monitoring
B. Signs
C. Noise
D. Subdivision 
E. Transport
F. Natural Hazards
G. Miscellaneous (Cultural and Natural Heritage and Local Business Zone)

Summary of the proposed changes

Details of plan change

Plan Change 22A: Introduction, information requirements, monitoring

Proposed changes include:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction: Update the land use and area tables.
  • Amend the information that must be supplied with a resource consent application.
    • You may need to provide more information to the Council than in the past when making a resource consent application.
    • The Council may commission additional/supporting technical reports.
    • Applications that do not contain information outlined in Section 5 of the Plan may be considered incomplete, which may affect decision-making timeframes.
  • Chapter 25 – Monitoring: Amend to reflect the Council’s obligations to monitor the State of the Environment, Policy and Plan effectiveness, Resource Consents, Complaints and Compliance Monitoring.

Plan Change 22B: Signs

Proposed changes to Section 6.1 Signs:

  • Signs must be related to the activity occurring on the site. Signs that do not relate to activities occurring on the site will require resource consent.
  • Rules for commercial signs within Business and Industrial Zones have changed so they are more flexible at the business/residential interface.
  • Additional permitted activity rules for illuminated and digital signs.
  • Sponsorship signage at Recreational Facilities becomes a permitted activity.
  • Resource consent is required (as a Controlled Activity) for signs located above verandas within the Inner Business Zone.

Plan Change 22C: Noise

Proposed changes include:

  • Section 6.2 – Noise is updated to reflect other changes to the Plan made as part of the SDPR.
  • New information in section 6.2 explains:
    • The application of New Zealand standards.
    • How the noise control rules in the Plan have been developed.
    • How noise is measured in rural areas.
  • Updated noise standards for the Fringe Business and Flood Protection Zone.

Plan Change 22D: Subdivision

Proposed changes include:

  • A new policy and a new Restricted Discretionary rule for Subdivision affecting a heritage building or object.
  • A new policy relating to small lot subdivisions.
  • A new policy encouraging energy-efficient housing design.
  • Rules common to all zones are consolidated into an All Zones rules section, primarily the rules that relate to subdivision accommodating a network utility, and subdivision seeking access to a State Highway or Limited Access Road

Plan Change 22E: Transportation

Proposed changes include:

  • The permitted activity rules and associated performance standards are restructured to improve Plan usability.
  • New performance standards for vehicle access reflect current best practice and the latest industry standards.
  • Mobility parking standards were reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Minimum parking requirements will be reduced by 30% (in Zones that have not previously had their parking provision standards reviewed).
  • New performance standards requiring cycle parking and end of trip cycle facilities for larger new developments.
  • Changes to performance standards about the formation of parking spaces, including garage design and considering pedestrians in car parking areas.
  • More comprehensive standards for loading spaces to reflect activity type and vehicle numbers and size.

Plan Change 22F: Natural hazards

Proposed changes include:

  • Information about liquefaction, land slippage and wildfire hazard within the City is
  • New policies and rules in Section 6.3 – Earthworks and Section 7 – Subdivision
    requiring consideration of risks posed by natural hazards.
  • New requirements to consider natural hazards when land is subdivided in rural
  • New requirements to consider the wildfire risk when establishing new plantation

Plan Change 22G: Miscellaneous 

Proposed changes include:

  • Remove House 28 Ranfurly Street from the Appendix 17A: Schedule of Buildings and Objects of Cultural Heritage Value (Category 2)
  • Correct the zoning of 123a Botanical Road (Lot 2 DP 29583) from Residential Zone to Local Business Zone

Proposed Amendments to the District Plan 

Notification of Proposal to Incorporate by Reference

The Proposal to Incorporate Material by Reference was notified 21 March 2018. Submissions closed 11 April 2018.

Material incorporated by reference are publications which have been referred to in Proposed Plan Change 22AG and are standards and manuals that have to be complied with (that is, they have ‘legal effect’). Council is inviting people to make submissions on the merits of incorporating the information below into the District Plan.

The following is a list of material proposed to be incorporated by reference into the Palmerston North City District Plan by Proposed Plan Change 22A-G

Viewing material

Some of the documents listed below are not available online, but may be inspected at our customer service centre:

  • NZS 6801:2008 NZS6801: 2008 Acoustics – Measurement of Environmental Sound
  • NZS 6802:2008 Acoustics – Environmental Noise
  • NZS 6803:1999 Acoustics – Construction Noise
  • NZS 6805:1992 Airport Noise Management and Land Use Planning
  • NZS 6806:2010 Acoustics – Road Traffic Nosie – New and Altered Roads
  • NZS 6807:1994 Noise Management and Land Use Planning for Helicopter Landing Areas
  • Appendix B NZTA Traffic Control Devices Manual 2008, Part 9 Level Crossings

Enquiries about the plan change

Enquiries about Plan Change 22 can be made to David Murphy, City Planning Manager, on 06 356 8199 or email