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Plan Change 5

The purpose of Proposed Plan Change 5 is to review the District Plan objectives, policies and rules relating to the Local Business Zone and to rezone selected areas of land.

Plan Change Status: Complete

Decision 27 May 2013
Commissioner Hearing 30, 31 October 2012
Further Submissions Closed 2 August 2012
Further Submissions Open 19 July 2012
Submissions Closed 29 June 2012
Notified 31 May 2012

Plan Change Summary

This proposed Plan Change seeks to review the policy framework and provisions of the Local Business Zone in Section 11: Business Zones of the Palmerston North City District Plan that manages the use and development of commercial land in the city's residential areas.  The review is necessary as Council has an obligation under the Resource Management Act 1991 to review provisions within a District Plan once they have been operative for ten years. Also, an update of these provisions is necessary to ensure consistency with the Business Zone Hierarchy for Palmerston North. A secondary focus of PC5 is to review the extent and application of the LBZ, and review the parking standards for the zone.

  • A review of the District Plan's objectives, polices and rules relating to the management of activities in the Local Business Zone of the City;
  • The introduction of resource consent and urban design controls for larger buildings;
  • The introduction of comprehensive development plans for new development and redevelopment of sites;
  • A new provision requiring Residential accommodation to be above ground level;
  • Service stations are proposed to become Discretionary Activities within the Local Business Zone;
  • Industrial activities are proposed to become Non-Complying Activities within the Local Business Zone;
  • Proposed amendments to parking and loading standards for the Local Business Zone; and
  • Rezoning of:  Local Business Zone land to Outer Business Zone, Residential Zone, Recreation Zone and Institutional Zone; and Residential Zone to Local Business Zone.


Proposed Plan Change 5 was publicly notified on 31 May 2012 and submissions closed on 29 June 2012. 

Section 32 Report and Appendices

Land Use Maps

LU Maps 1 to 4 (Pdf 6.48Mb)

LU Maps 5 to 8 (Pdf 4.86Mb)

LU Maps 9 to 12 (Pdf 6.32Mb)

LU Maps 13 to 16 (Pdf 6.64Mb)

LU Maps 17 to 19 (Pdf 4.21Mb)

LU Maps 20 to 23 (Pdf 5Mb)

LU Maps 24 to 27 (Pdf 6.99)

LU Maps 27a to 30 (Pdf 5.64Mb)

LU Maps 31 to 33c (Pdf 7.18Mb)

LU Maps 33d to 36 (Pdf 5.77Mb)

LU Maps 37 to 40 (Pdf 6.09Mb)

LU Maps 41a to 41d (Pdf 5.97Mb)

LU Maps 42 to 43 (Pdf 3Mb)

Frontage Maps

FM Maps 1 to 7 (Pdf 5.44Mb)

FM Maps 8 to 13 (Pdf 4.32Mb)

FM Maps 14 to 20 (Pdf 4.72Mb)

FM Maps 21 to 26 (Pdf 5.09Mb)

FM Maps 27 to 33 (Pdf 5.62Mb)

FM Maps 33a to 39 (Pdf 5.92Mb)

FM Maps 40-43 (Pdf 5.38Mb)


Eight submissions were received.

The Council has publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested by Persons Making Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 5 on 19 July 2012, submissions closed 2 August 2012.  Five submissions were received.

Public Notice dated 19 July 2012 (Further Submissions)

Summary of Decisions Requested from Original Submissions (including Original Submissions)

Further Submissions