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Plan Change 9

A review of the issues, objectives, policies and rules relating to the management of activities and development in the Industrial Zone.

Plan Change Status: Complete

Decision 28 June 2013
Commissioner Hearing 21 May 2013
Further Submissions Closed 8 March 2013
Further Submissions Open 23 February 2013
Submissions Closed 8 February 2013
Notified 13 December 2012

Plan Change Summary

Industrial Zone:  A review of the issues, objectives, policies and rules relating to the management of activities and development in the Industrial Zone;

Rezoning of Land:  The proposed rezoning from Residential Zone to Industrial Zone of properties at 704 Tremaine Avenue (Lot 1 DP 344422), 747 Tremaine Avenue (Lot 2 DP 8297) and 104 Napier Road (Lot 2 DP 69557), Palmerston North;

Amendments to Current Planning Rules Relating to:

  • Lighting;
  • Dwellings;
  • Landscaping;
  • Parking requirements;
  • Stand-alone licensed premises;
  • Screening of outdoor storage areas;
  • Non-ancillary retail and office activities;
  • The Napier Road Industrial Precinct have been removed;
  • Height of industrial buildings that adjoin a site in the Residential Zone;
  • Requirements for the siting of fences and materials used to construct a fence;
  • Reduction of gross floor area standards for ancillary retail and office activities;
  • Updating of noise standards, including the need for acoustic insulation and ventilation of noise sensitive activities and offices; and
  • A resource management approach that creates a greater focus on managing the cumulative effects of industrial zone retail and office activities on the established resources in industrial areas and the viability of the city's business areas.

Interest in Rezoning the Railway Land Enclave

34 Setters Line (Lot 3 DP 58775); 18 Setters Line (Lot 4 DP 58775); 170 Railway Road (Lot 2 DP 58775); and 182-196 Railway Road (Lot 1 DP 58775).

The Railway Land Enclave is made up of 4 Rural Zone sites, approximately 7.1 hectares in size. Activities on the sites include a motorcycle club, agricultural, residential and low density horticultural. The sites are bounded by the North Island Main Trunk Railway to the southeast; Setters Line and Noel Rodgers Place to the southwest; and Railway Road to the northwest, opposite Carters building suppliers.

The Council is aware that a land owner within the Railway Land Enclave is actively marketing land as having potential for future industrial use. It is likely that a submission will be received on the Plan Change requesting the land be rezoned to Industrial Zone. At this stage in the Plan Change process the Council is not proposing to rezone the land. However, the Council recognises the merits of rezoning the land is a finely balanced matter and invites potentially affected parties to make a submission on the Plan Change. Please see paragraph 5.1.4 of the Plan Change Section 32 report for details relating to these sites.



Submissions closed on 8 February 2013.  Fourteen submissions were received. 

The Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested by Persons Making Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 9 on 23 February 2013, submissions closed on 8 March 2013.   Five further submissions were received.

Hearing and Decision