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Private Plan Change A

A private plan change request to the District Plan, submitted by Pacific Drive landscape provisions (Brian Green Properties Ltd).

Quick Link to Decision dated 28 June 2013

The Palmerston North City Council received a Private Plan Change 
Request to the Palmerston North City District Plan.  The Plan Change seeks to amend the specific landscape provisions at the southern end of Pacific Drive. More specifically the change relates to the land zoned residential on the western side of Varsity Heights Drive. The change has
been put forward in order to make provision for further development of
the Residential Zone land in that area.

Proposed Plan Change A can be summarised as:

Amending the existing Landscape Protection Areas and associated setback and height rules for buildings and structures.

Replace the current landscape provisions with one 10 metre setback line for
residential buildings and structures, including a co-ordinate schedule
for the precise location of the setback line.

Amend the relevant objective and policy to make reference to residential buildings and remove reference to height of buildings adjacent to the escarpment.

Documentation on Private Plan Change A:

Private Plan Change A : Pacific Drive Landscape Provisions and Associated Assessments

Further Submissions

Proposed Private Plan Change A was publicly notified on Tuesday 17 April 2012
and submissions closed on Thursday 17 May 2012.  Further consultation
was done with the parties identified under Clause 5, Schedule 1, of the
Resource Management Act 1991. This was notified on Wednesday 30 May 2012
and closed on Thursday 28 June 2012.

The Council publicly notified the availability of the summary of decisions requested by persons making original submissions to Proposed Private Plan Change A on Wednesday 11 July 2012.


A Hearing by Commissioners was held 23 April 2013.

Information Tabled at the Hearing:
- L Fugle
- A Mildon

Documentation on Private Plan Change A

Private Plan Change A : Pacific Drive Landscape Provisions and Associated Assessments

View a copy of the Public Notice dated 17 April 2012

Click here to view the Summary of Submissions and Original Submissions to Proposed Private Plan Change A

Public Notice dated 11 July 2012

Decision of the Hearings Commissioners dated 28 June 2013 - (PDF 5Mb)