Council & City

Dam safety policy

Council owns the Upper and Lower Turitea Dams, which provide a safe and reliable water supply. This policy outlines our dam safety assurance programme.

Council is a responsible dam owner

We operate a dam safety assurance programme to:

  • safeguard operations
  • ensure public safety and conform to Building (Dam Safety) Regulations
  • maintain the long term value of the city's water supply assets

Council operates its dams in accordance with sound environmental practice. We recognise the public interest in and public value of the reservoirs formed by the dams.

Our dam safety actions are governed by the following principles:

  • operate and maintain our dams in accordance with current international dam safety practice
  • identify, and remedy or mitigate, any critical dam safety deficiencies
  • provide the resources and policy direction to achieve an effective dam safety assurance programme

Provisions of Council's dam safety assurance programme

  • clear organisational responsibility and accountability for dam safety
  • technical proficiency in dam safety practices and personnel
  • ongoing, and focused surveillance and monitoring of each dam
  • ongoing maintenance and testing of the dams and appurtenant structures, including valves that contribute to reservoir safety
  • five-yearly independent safety reviews of each dam
  • use of independent technical reviews when assessing critical dam safety deficiencies, and their mitigation or remedy
  • a formulated programme to address critical dam safety deficiencies in a timely manner
  • education and training on dams and dam safety for technical, production, operations and managerial staff involved in dam safety
  • ensuring dam safety awareness and competence in our staff

Interaction with public and authorities

  • provide emergency action plans for each dam in consultation with Civil Defence and the regional authority
  • raise awareness of our dam safety assurance programme among the regional authority and public through information and education
  • work closely with the regional authority in fulfilling Building (Dam Safety) Regulation requirements