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Pressure sewer systems policy

This policy is about the provision of wastewater services to residential properties and trade premises. It incorporates those that are, or may be in the future, serviced by pressure sewerage systems.

It is mandatory to use pressure sewer systems in several new residential and commercial growth areas in Palmerston North.

The policy sets out the circumstances in which Council may require or allow the use of pressure sewer systems. It also details the application and approval process as well as the specific arrangements and obligations for ongoing operation and maintenance.

What's a pressure sewer system?

Pressure sewer systems are an accepted alternative to conventional gravity sewer systems.

Conventional wastewater systems use gravity flow to move sewage from your home to a central treatment plant. A pressure sewer system instead pumps sewage from a small pump station at each property. The combined power of each individual pump moves the sewage to the treatment plant.

This is an advantage in areas with poor ground conditions, because you don't need to bury the pipes as deep.

Each pump station has a grinder. This breaks down the solids in raw wastewater before pumping it into the Council sewer mains.