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Street naming and numbering policy

There are times when people have the opportunity to submit suggestions for new street names. Find out how this happens and the Council’s policy on naming streets.

The three key purposes of the policy are:

  • Identity: Recognising and enhancing our city's history and culture and identifying important features in Palmerston North.
  • Utility: Usefulness of street names. It's important that new names are distinguishable from existing ones, easy to recognise and pronounce, and assist in the location of addresses.
  • Consistency: Maintaining existing themes and the transparency of the street naming and numbering process.

When the development of an area of land will result in a new street the developer is given the opportunity to submit names for approval.

Each application should include three choices, along with the meaning or reason for each suggested name.

The public may also choose to submit suggestions for street names. City Archives currently holds a register of approved names.