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Have your say on the Nature Calls longlist options

Friday March 8 2019

What's important to you in how we treat and discharge Palmerston North's wastewater?

Nature Calls is one of the largest projects Palmerston North City Council has undertaken and it will investigate, consult, and decide on the best practicable option for how Palmerston North City Council will manage wastewater in the future.

Over the last few months we have held a number of meetings and asked the public for their ideas on how we should manage wastewater – and from this a longlist of 26 options has been developed.

These options can be grouped into seven categories:

  • discharge to land
  • discharge to river
  • combined land and river discharge
  • discharge to groundwater
  • ocean discharge
  • discharge to a water supply network
  • discharge to air

More information on these options can be found here: Nature Calls

We need to hear your feedback on these options, which together with a technical assessment, will be used to develop a shortlist. Please have your say, and let us know what you think.