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Intention to grant a land exchange with Manawatū Golf Club for Manawatū River Park path

Wednesday October 9 2019

Council has recently discovered that one of the golf tees used by the Manawatū Golf Club is on a small portion of Council-owned land (800m2). Council therefore intends to exchange this piece of the golf course for a land strip on the Manawatū River side of the shared path, thereby tidying up this old ownership issue.

Council will thereby secure the portion of the bridal track that is owned by Manawatū Golf Course (currently used by the public as walkway), and the Manawatū Golf Club will secure their 16th tee, which is currently used by their club members.

Any land exchange of reserve land must go through a Reserves Act 1977 (“the Act”) process. Notice is thereby given pursuant to s15 and s119 of the Act that Palmerston North City Council (‘Council’) intents to grant a Land Exchange to obtain ownership of the land for Manawatū River Park Path.

Council is the Administering Body of the 800 m2 being part of lot Part Section 1678 Town of Palmerston North. The land is held by Council as a Recreation Reserve.

As provided for under Section (120) of the Act an person or organisation has the right to make a submission objecting or (otherwise) to the proposal to grant the land exchange. Any such party will also have the opportunity to speak to their submission at the Council meeting if they wish. Please forward all submissions to:

Palmerston North City Council
Attn: Team Leader Governance and Legal
Private Bag 11034

Or Email

Submissions must be received by Council by 4pm Friday 8 November 2019