Council & City

Youth Survey Report

The Youth Survey was developed to inform organisations working with young people or providing services for them about the experiences and activities of 12 to 24-year-olds living in Palmerston North.

The survey was divided into four parts:

  • Information about you: This section included gender, age, place of birth, ethnicity, languages spoken at home, living situation, and main activity.
  • Your life in Palmerston North: This section included questions about leisure activities in the City, experience of the City, and opportunities to participate in decision-making. Participants were also asked for their views about what could improve for young people in Palmerston North.
  • How you feel about your life right now: The questions in this section focused on person experiences and perceptions. Participants were asked about day to day lives, their friends, family, and feelings.
  • Your experiences: This section focused on the activities undertaken by participants, including TV and internet, going to parties, exercise, and where they hang out. Participants were also asked about their experiences of crime, bullying, being depressed, wagging, and things they may have felt pressured to do.