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Robyn Wilson: Senior Service Guide

I qualified as a librarian early this century and actively support my son in his endeavour to gain a Masters in Librarianship in America – it’s becoming a family tradition. My network of friends and extended family are very important to me. I enjoy the company of two cats (Bartlby and Fur Grenade) who think I’m their pet human.

Photo shows library senior service guide Robyn Wilson in front of a book display.

Senior Service Guide Robyn Wilson

What does a typical day look like for a Senior Service Guide?

I don't do mornings willingly, so usually sleep in and just get to work on time. At work it’s shelving, problem solving, teaching, project work, listening to customers and usually improving their day with good customer service. At home I collapse with a pot of tea and my iPad. After food I usually work on one of my many craft projects. 

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Helping to navigate our library customers to the information, books and resources they require – especially when they don't know what we have. I enjoy working on various projects such as the Anzac quilt. Also, I enjoy having a good laugh and chat with a hugely diverse range of people. Of course I have a few favourites who I give an awful lot of cheek to and get it back in return.

How does your role impact on the community?

Well… there are the young people needing help to find resources for school and assignments, the seniors who might not see anyone but us in their day, the job seekers who get help from us regarding CVs, and regular users who see us as a major part of their lives – and in many cases almost extended family.

I find that people from various groups I belong to in the community often seek information from me outside the library or decide to use our services when I describe what’s available.

I firmly believe we increase the quality of life for our citizens by providing a proper well run library and community service facility.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I like to spend time in my workshop creating stuff from my stash. I also have a voracious reading habitat to which I dedicate many hours. Since shifting to Palmerston North I’ve discovered I have cousins living in several local towns – an unexpected bonus.

Tell us three things most people would not know about you

  • I think mushy peas are disgusting
  • Every house in New Zealand I stay in has a proper china cup and Earl Grey tea waiting for me
  • I'm a lecture junkie