Council & City

Staff benefits

There are lots of things that need to come together to make a workplace truly great. We offer an extensive list of benefits to keep Council staff leaping out of bed in the mornings.

We support staff to have a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits for our people include:

  • remuneration benefits you can put towards your mortgage, superannuation, childcare, student loan or other payments
  • free access to our Activate Wellness Studio
  • subsidised health and eye checks every two years
  • assistance with study fees
  • one community services day each year
  • optional yearly flu vaccinations paid by Council
  • Te Reo classes
  • subsidised subscriptions for professional memberships
  • confidential counselling service
  • Outward Bound scholarship
  • long service leave and additional annual leave after qualifying period
  • parent room
  • paid partner's leave

Why work for us

Work-life balance

We support all of our people in balancing their work life with their recreation and home life. Most have a two-day break every week and after-hours work is kept to a minimum.

Flexible working hours

Where possible, flexible hours are approved whilst meeting the needs of customers and other team members. For example, we will try and accommodate flexible start and finish times as we recognise that all individual circumstances are different. Arrangements such as part-time work, compressed working weeks and job-sharing can also be considered.

Social Club

Our social club runs many activities throughout the year, including Christmas parties, sports tournaments, cultural activities, adventure activities and family days.

Activate Wellness Studio

Activate is our on-site wellness studio, accessible 24/7 at no charge. Activate is well equipped with a range of equipment including strength and cardio machines, free weights and a stretching area.

This space is perfect if you are recovering from an injury as you can bring your personal trainer or medical specialist onsite to assist with your rehabilitation in special circumstances.

Council bikes

We were the first local authority in New Zealand to invest in electric bikes as part of a bid to become more sustainable. We have three electric bikes and two push bikes available for all staff to use to get to meetings or to simply go out and enjoy a lovely bike ride during their lunch break.

Parental leave top-up and paid partner's leave

Council will top-up the government parental leave payments to an employee’s salary for eight weeks. It’s paid as a lump sum when you return to work and is based on your return to work hours and salary.

All our employees are entitled to paid partner’s leave of up to two weeks. If your partner gives birth, adopts, or takes permanent primary responsibility for the care, development and upbringing of a child who is under six years old, you can apply for two weeks of paid leave.