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College Street cycleway upgrade

Council is improving cycle facilities on College Street, from Maxwells Line to Albert Street. We want to provide connected, consistent and safe facilities that encourage biking, particularly for school pupils.

Photo shows diagram of proposed improvements to bike lanes on College Street, between Pitama Road and West End School.

The proposed new roading layout on College Street, between Pitama Road and West End School. Painted safety buffers provide space for car door openings and between motorists and people on bikes.

Cycle facilities have already been installed on certain sections of College Street in recognition of its use and importance as a cycling route.

Given the competing demands for road space, we have to strike a balanced solution that addresses prioritising vehicle and cycle lanes, whilst still providing enough space between cyclist, parked cars and moving traffic.

Parking has been retained as much and/or where it is essential – such as near businesses and bus stops. We propose to provide and control parking in the following ways:

 Road section

Cycle facilities


 Maxwells Line to Botanical Road  Buffered cycle lanes   Parking on one side 
 Botanical Road to Batt Street Buffered cycle lanes

 Our initial proposal was to remove parking on both sides of the road because of its narrow width. Following consultation, we're considering inset parking options.

 Batt St to Victoria Avenue Buffered cycle lanes  Parking on one side
 Victoria Avenue to Albert Street Shared road space  Unrestricted parking as exists; cars often parked on the grass

The changes have been developed based on extensive fieldwork, consideration of land use, and best practice. 

Progress update: 6 July

Initial consultation resulted in general support for improvements to the cycle facilities but not at the expense of all parking.

The original project timeline has been extended to allow us to explore new options to address residents’ concerns.

While we're keen to progress and upgrade the whole street, the timeline for implementation depends on project costs, funding, and coordination with other work. 

However, we’re now developing design plans for the sections of College Street where parking is retained on at least one side of the road.

Revised timeline

We expect to begin work on one or more of the sections of College Street from September. We’ll update the website and residents once we’ve finalised the details.

Botanical Road to Batt Street

Council held a public meeting on 8 May to address residents' concerns about the proposed loss of parking between Botanical Road and Batt Street. A revised proposal was presented at the meeting.

This option has received widespread support. It aims to provide a similar amount of parking as currently exists by removing sections of grass berm where there are no trees, and creating indented parking bays.

The indented parking concept plan can be downloaded below. We're now investigating it further to achieve the most practical distribution of parking in key locations while retaining as many specimen trees as possible. We’re also considering other issues such as cost, conflicts with services and provision for buses.

A revised inset parking proposal will be produced shortly and circulated for further feedback. Detailed design and implementation are likely, subsequent to feedback.

Contact details

If you’ve any questions or would like to talk to someone about this project, please phone us on 06 356 8199. Alternatively, you can email us:

Matthew Kilpatrick, Transportation Planner:

Glenn Connelly, Traffic & Transportation Engineer:

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