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Cuba Street renewal

Read about the work we're doing to make historic Cuba Street more attractive, people friendly, social and safe. These changes are happening in the stretch of Cuba Street between George and Pitt Streets.

We’re doing some work to transform our city centre

We’re creating public spaces that meet the needs of people and businesses. Spaces that are visually attractive, people friendly, social and safe. We want to encourage people to actively spend more time in the city and enjoy our shops, cafes, restaurants and events.

We’ve already made some great changes to Cuba Street

Little Cuba, where George Street meets Cuba Street, is a great example of this. It’s now a green, people friendly space perfect for outdoor dining and events like Little Cuba Carnival.

Revitalising our streets has direct benefits for businesses and attracts more private investment. Sublime Coffee Roasters, Studio Lumen and Fifth Season Lighting & Design have moved into the area, Crank It Cycles have relocated next to Café Cuba, Lads Barbers shop has opened, Pita Pit has expanded, Café Cuba has expanded its outdoor dining area and Focal Point Cinema is expected to open a four cinema complex and café later this year.

This is what we call good urban design. It makes the most of our public spaces and brings a range of benefits for our city and our people.

We want to encourage more people into our city centre

Little Cuba is one element in our bigger plan for the city centre, and now we're making some changes to the stretch of Cuba Street that runs between George Street and Pitt Street.

We’re creating a people friendly, green corridor that connects Central Energy Trust Arena to the city centre. It’ll incorporate wider footpaths, trees and green spaces, outdoor recreation and dining areas, better street lighting, public seating, public art and sculptures. The main pedestrian route will be along the sunny southern side of the street. New trees will be planted in garden areas to prevent bird droppings falling on cars.

Every year, thousands of people visit the arena for sports tournaments, conferences, concerts and other events. These changes will encourage people into the inner city streets and bring benefits for our local economy while creating more vibrancy in our city centre.

Changes to parking

Most of the car parks on the northern side of the street outside shops and businesses will be retained. However, as part of this work a total of 33 car parks will be removed to allow for changes to the footpaths and road. An additional 60 car parks will be made available within close proximity and we’re confident there’ll still be sufficient parking within easy walking distance. We’re also introducing better situated loading zones, drop off points, taxi bays and bus stops.

  • 37 parks will be put back in along Cuba Street. We’ve also made provision for better situated loading zones, drop-off points, taxi bays and bus tops. This includes two bays outside the Distinction Hotel big enough for two coaches or four to five cars to unload
  • An additional 41 car parks with the same parking tariffs as Cuba Street will be available in a Council owned car park on the corner of Pitt and Cuba.
  • We’re changing the configuration down Lombard, Andrew Young and Campbell Streets to create 15 parks including pick-up and drop-off parks for the child care facility and dance studio.

Project timeline

Work started on 8 January and will be completed in staged sections through the year.

What will this work cost?

Streets around the city need to be maintained to ensure the kerbs, footpaths and carriageway are in good condition. This work is known as a "renewal" and the costs are allocated as part of our annual budgeting. In this instance, rather than replacing like with like, we’re taking the opportunity to create a more vibrant and people friendly space.

Find out more

Our plans for Cuba Street are covered in more detail in the City Centre Framework. In this document you can see how they fit with some of our other ideas for the city centre. You can also take a look at our City Streetscape Plan which details our plans for the spaces and streets around The Square and Broadway Avenue.

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