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LED street lighting

Council is replacing the high pressure sodium lights in Palmerston North's residential streets with 3,500 energy-efficient LEDs.

Photo shows workman in a crane fitting an LED street light on to an older street light pole.

We’re replacing the city’s street lights with energy-efficient LEDs.

The new street lights will consume up to 59% less power – that’s a saving of more than $400,000 a year. They’ll also save up to 70% a year in maintenance costs.

The lights will dim progressively during the night to save power and reduce light pollution. They’ll shine at full strength until 10pm, then gradually dim so they’re only half as bright between midnight and 5am, when they’ll start to shine brighter again.

You’ll know your street has been done when the traditional orange light changes to a white light.

The work is being carried out by Council street lighting contractor Alf Downs Street Lighting Limited, and is due to be completed in June 2017.

The cost for supply and install of this first stage is $2.1 million, with 51% being met by the New Zealand Transport Agency as a part of Council’s financially assisted programme.

Design work is currently being carried out for a second stage of the project, which would see the LED lights extended to the city’s main roads and arterial routes in the 2017-18 financial year.